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Leadership is about change, but what is a leader to do when faced with ubiquitous resistance

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Its not just Consumers employing this tactic, Business are finally waking up to the potential of debundled solutions being more cost effective for most, and the SMB’s have been starting to shop around more and look at device and airtime as two decision points, not just accepting what the Networks give that as a bundled deal. 2018 looks like being the time when the business market embraces change and that spells big trouble for the Networks as this lucrative market starts to fragment.

Put resisters on teams that allow them to play some decision-making part in the change process, however small.

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What can you do now? One thing you can do in managing resistance is work with your key employees to construct a Force Field analysis diagram using Kurt Lewin's Force Field Analysis technique. This will give you a powerful indication of where you will need to devote your energies.

Get customers or suppliers to explain to change resisters face to face how the current situation disadvantages them in concrete terms.

Employees resist change for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from a straightforward intellectual disagreement over facts to deep-seated psychological prejudices.

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Endeavor to look at the world through the eyes of the change resister. Listen openly and honestly to what they are trying to say. Examine your own basic beliefs and assumptions. Through engaging resisters, be prepared to change yourself.

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Learn more about identifying and turning around change resisters. Our guide and workbook feature a variety of tools, techniques and tips for ensuring that your change initiative delivers on its promises.