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It reads, "verbum caro hic factum est," here the Word became flesh. There, it is believed, the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, and her response changed the world forever.

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Hi, I was wondering where you got the percentages that you have on the "typical response rate" webpage. I am writing a report about on online survey of an organization's members and want to use your 5% to 40% figure, since I can't find anything that speaks directly to that audience anywhere else, but it did spark my curiosity. You may reply to Rachel Holbert at [email hidden by admin]. Thanks very much.

It is a word that will bring the reader back to his youthful school days

Just this: whether the data is serving your decision-making needs. Depending on your organization, you may require a , or simply enough people you feel comfortable moving ahead. Remember, the goal is not to get a lot of people to answer but to get a representative group of respondents. You want the middle ground along with the people who are ticked off or those willing to stand on their head for a sweepstakes.

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