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If you accept that animals have rights, raising and killing animals for food is morally wrong.

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All rights can be represented by Hohfeldian diagrams like the diagramof the part of the property right “molecule”above. However, some diagrams of Hohfeldian incidents that we couldconstruct do not correspond to any right. Rights are only thosecollections of Hohfeldian incidents that have a certain function (orperhaps certain functions). To take an analogy: all engagement ringsare rings, but only rings with a certain function are engagementrings.

If you accept that animals have rights, raising and killing animals for food is morally wrong.

Civil rights and civil wrongs: Racism in America today

There are two main readings of rights to do wrong. The first readingcharacterizes most rights as furthering the holder's autonomy. Rightsentitle their holders to make choices, and as Waldron (1993) says theimportance of a person's having choices would be diminished if shewere forced to do the right thing. Even though the person has no(privilege-) right to perform an action that is wrong, it wouldnevertheless violate an important (claim-) right of hers for others tocompel her not to do that thing. To take the speech example, werespect the autonomy of speakers when we allow them to speakunmolested—even when they do wrong by expressing themselves indisrespectful ways. (For a defense of this reading against objectionsfrom Galston and George, see Herstein 2012. On the existence and valueof legal rights to do legal wrongs, see Herstein 2013.)

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The right of property, Marx asserted, exemplifies the isolating andanti-social character of these alleged rights of man. On the one hand,the right of property is the right to keep others at a distance: thelegal equivalent of a barbed wire fence. On the other hand, the rightof property allows an owner to transfer his resources at his ownpleasure and for his own gain, without regard even for the desperateneed for those resources elsewhere.

Since an individual's acts do not cause or encourage the wrong-doing to take place, they are not themselves morally wrong.

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Very pithy, Mr Schneider, but the honest answer is: nothing. The Human Rights Act has done nothing that British laws didn’t do perfectly well before 1998. And much that is very bad.

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For all these losses, women gain nothing but the right to run in place. Abortion doesn’t cure any illness; it doesn’t win any woman a raise. But in a culture that treats pregnancy and childrearing as impediments, it surgically adapts the woman to fit in. If women are an oppressed group, they are the only such group to require surgery in order to be equal. In Greek mythology, Procrustes was an exacting host: if you were the wrong size for his bed, he would stretch or chop you to fit. The abortion table is modern feminism’s Procrustean bed, one that, in a hideous twist, the victims actually march in the streets to demand.

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Some claim-rights exist independently of voluntary actions likesigning a contract; and some claim-rights correspond to duties in morethan one agent. For example, a child's claim-right against abuseexists independently of anyone's actions, and the child's claim-rightcorrelates to a duty in every other person not to abuse him (i.e., theclaim right is in rem). This example of the child's rightalso illustrates how a claim-right can require duty-bearersto refrain from performing some action (i.e., that“phi” can be a negative verb such as “not abuseher”). Bodily and property rights are paradigmatic rights withclaim-rights at their core.

Abortion: Women’s Rights…and Wrongs

"But apart from helping victims of domestic violence and rape, and soldiers, and protestors, what's the Human Rights Act ever done for us?"— David Schneider (@davidschneider)

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A ship's captain has the power-right to order a midshipman to scrubthe deck. The captain's exercise of this power changes the sailor'snormative situation: it imposes a new duty upon the sailor and soannuls one of his Hohfeldian privileges (not to scrub thedeck). Similarly, a promisor exercises a power-right to create in thepromisee a claim that the promisor will perform a certain action. Thepromisor's exercise of her power-right to promise creates in thepromisee a claim that the promisor do what she promised to do. Oragain, a neighbor waives his claim that you not enter his property byinviting you into his home, thus endowing you with a correspondingprivilege. Ordering, promising, waiving, sentencing, consenting,selling, and abandoning are all examples of acts by which arightholder exercises a power to change his own Hohfeldian incidentsor those of another.