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Francis of Assisi is one of the most venerated religious figures in history.

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Icon Writing is a spiritual exercise using paint and brush to enter into the world of the eternal. Deepen your prayer experience through the writing of the icon of St. Francis of Assisi.

Francis of Assisi abandoned a life of luxury for a life devoted to Christianity

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Francis the Evangelist
Saint Francis of Assisi and his first companions were inspired by the Holy Spirit to live the gospel as a fraternity group, and following the example of Jesus and his apostles, they travelled through cities and countryside to preach the holy gospel and ask the people to live a Christian life more in keeping with the message of salvation.
Many people were moved by the living testimony of Francis, the “Poverello” (the Poor Man) and wanted to follow him. They wanted to behave as he did faithful to Christ and to the word of life in the gospels.

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After repeated civil suppressions and a satisfactory recovery the Regular Third Order of Saint Francis is still around today, and present in the following countries: Italy, Croatia, Spain, France, Germany, America, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Paraguay, Mexico, Peru, Sweden, Bangladesh, the Filippines. In total, the number of convents is 208.

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Some Orders disappeared due to government suppression or war, while others amalgamated with the Italian Congregation in one single entity which today is called the Regular Third Order of Saint Francis.

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Centralisation and Organisation
On July 20, 1447, by means of the “Pastoralis officii” Bull, Pope Niccolò V approved the union of the Tertiary Fraternities of Italy and established it as an independent Order under one general ministry and council. In Italy, the Order spread out and developed in 15 Provinces with a total of 256 convents and about 2000 friars. (The Italian Congregation exists without interruption from St. Francis of Assisi to this day).

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Each participant will complete an icon of St. Francis of Assisi using acrylic paints. No previous experience is required. Supplies are included in the fee. Program begins at 12:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 18

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Saint Francis was very aware that all of God's creation is holy and that it reflects his beauty, truth, and goodness. But Francis appreciated churches, especially, because he knew that in these sacred spaces people could find and recognize the presence of God's spirit more easily than "in the world." That is why the Little Poor Man of Assisi dedicated a good portion of his life to rebuilding old abandoned churches, like San Damiano (where he had heard the voice of Jesus Christ) and Saint Mary of the Angels Porziuncola (or Little Portion).