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I am a long-term user of Wellbutrin XL (BRAND). IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO BE AWARE THAT THE GENERIC VERSIONS OF WELLBUTRIN MAY NOT WORK AS IN MY CASE. Did not notice I received one of the generic brands until I crashed about a month and a half later. LIVING PROOF THE BRAND WORKED FOR ME! Although would never commit suicide, the depression that hit me like a bag of rocks was horrible - made me weepy, totally miserable. From research and talking to senior member at Biovail which produces only the Brand version - there have been issues with previous brand users switching to generic and many do experience horrible drop off on generic Wellbutrin, Although ingredients supposedly are same, the big difference is the generics release med too soon and fast into the body and also the buffering of the generic tabs may also cause slow release or in my view little release,. The depression that hit me was so severe that I warn everyone I know to be aware. Ironically, I only pay $5 for 30-day supply of brand Wellbutrin (via Caremark) and the generic is $10! JUST WANT TO LET YOU ALL KNOW THIS (AND NO, I AM NOT ANTI-GENERICS, JUST THIS PARTICULAR MEDICATION in generic sucks!

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I am really glad I came across these comments, even if they are a few years old. Mike, your comments particularly touched me and I am so grateful for your candor in sharing your experience.
I think Wellbutin has saved my life. I'm not sure how depression crept up on me as a possible diagnosis, heaven knows I had enough factors and warning signs. When my M.D finally gave me the Wellbutrin and said "Just try it for a few weeks, see how it goes" I was resistant. But it has been a life ring to me, in a sea of helpless backsliding and despair. I am not 100% back in track, but my moods are less cloudy and dark, I can keep going through the day without too much effort and I am no longer on the verge of tears half the time. I can look back now after three months and shake my head in disbelief that it took me so long to begin to treat this and hope that my road back continues to bring me back to "healthy".

I continued to take the medication. However, everyday around 6 in the afternoon, I would get in a sad mood. I resorted to drinking alcohol and taking drugs to help lift my mood. However, after several weeks the alcohol and drugs began to take a toll on my body and I realized I couldn't keep doing this. I began to do some research online and found that literally hundreds of people had written of negative experiences while taking generic Wellbutrin and they recommended taking the brand name by GlaxoSmithKline. There was even an article by MSNBC, a reputable source, questioning the effectiveness of generic Wellbutrin.