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Secondhand Lions has a storybook quality to it that is both a blessing and a curse.

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that Secondhand Lions is a wonderful film that the entire family can enjoy !

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Compared to other DVDs, the “Secondhand Lions” release has a wider array of additives than most. If you enjoyed the film, these extra features will quench your thirst for a lot of background details that went in to making this film.

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Tim simply states that he wrote the script for “Secondhand Lions” for himself, by himself, and on his own. He finished it in three months time and says that he found it healing for him after working as long as he did in Hollywood.

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The recent New Line Cinema family film “Secondhand Lions” is now available on DVD—and full of plenty of extraordinary special features. All of the better features you may expect, such as deleted and alternate scenes, director commentary and visual effects comparisons are included, but much more besides. Included are three featurettes, one with director Tim McCanlies and New Line producers discussing the development of the script; one on the set of the film during shooting; and one interviewing the “coming of age” actor, Haley Joel Osment.

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Overall, “Secondhand Lions” is a heartwarming story. The acting is superb, but then how could it be otherwise with the talent of and ? Prepare yourself for a nostalgic evening, tears of joy, humor and even a few unanswered questions. Yes, we know a happy ending awaits us, but in the process of getting there, a few unexpected events do rise to the surface.

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