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Signs, Searchand Communication; Semiotic Aspects of Artificial Intelligence.

Introduction to Modern Literary Theory - Kristi Siegel

Examines and critiques the relationship between the mass media and sports. Reviews theoretical approaches for studying media and sports (including historical, sociological, psychological, political, and cultural studies perspectives), then examines how sport is mediated through literature, print journalism, radio, and television.

Kristi Siegel Associate Professor, English Dept

Comprehensive overview of the theoretical concepts and communication methodologies appropriate for analysis of contemporary visual messages. Focuses on rhetorical analysis of visual messages. Significant research and critical writing required

Scholarly, theoretical and critical writings on the production and circulation of gender roles, images, and gender-types attributes through communication, with a special focus on mass-mediated communication such as television, video, and film.

Articles: How many phonemes might be ‘missing’

Pictorial Semiotics is intimately connected to art history and theory. It has gone beyond them both in at least one fundamental way, however. While art history has limited its visual analysis to a small number of pictures which qualify as "works of art," pictorial semiotics has focused on the properties of pictures more generally. This break from traditional art history and theory—as well as from other major streams of semiotic analysis—leaves open a wide variety of possibilities for pictorial semiotics. Some influences have been drawn from phenomenological analysis, cognitive psychology, and structuralist and cognitivist linguistics, and visual anthropology/sociology.

Semiotics for Beginners: Introduction

Publication of research is both in dedicated journals such as Sign Systems Studies, established by Juri Lotman and published by Tartu University Press; Semiotica, founded by Thomas A. Sebeok and published by Mouton de Gruyter; Zeitschrift für Semiotik; European Journal of Semiotics; Versus (founded and directed by Umberto Eco), et al.; The American Journal of Semiotics; and as articles accepted in periodicals of other disciplines, especially journals oriented toward philosophy and cultural criticism. The major semiotic book series "Semiotics, Communication, Cognition", published by De Gruyter Mouton (series editors Paul Cobley and Kalevi Kull) replaces the former "Approaches to Semiotics" (over 120 volumes) and "Approaches to Applied Semiotics" (series editor Thomas A. Sebeok).

Marshall McLuhan | Communication Theory

A world organisation of semioticians – the International Association for Semiotic Studies, with its journal Semiotica – was established in 1969. The larger research centers together with extensive teaching program include the Semiotics Departments of Tartu University, Aarhus University, and Bologna University.

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In some countries, its role is limited to literary criticism and an appreciation of audio and visual media, but this narrow focus can inhibit a more general study of the social and political forces shaping how different media are used and their dynamic status within modern culture. Issues of technological determinism in the choice of media and the design of communication strategies assume new importance in this age of mass media. The use of semiotic methods to reveal different levels of meaning and, sometimes, hidden motivations has led some like Yale's Harold Bloom to demonise elements of the subject as Marxist, nihilist, etc. (e.g. critical discourse analysis in Postmodernism and deconstruction in Post-structuralism).