Jonathan Edwards: A Mini-Theology.

The samedriving forces that forged the doctrines of John Calvin are to befound in Jonathan Edwards.
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There are many worthwhile biographies of Edwards's varied career as a preacher, missionary, scholar, and, for a short period, President of Princeton University before his sudden death from smallpox in 1758. George Marsden's biography, which provides a clear sense of Edwards's humanity, and Ian Murray's, which gives insights into Edwards's spiritual journey, I count among my favourites, although Perry Miller's biography has done more to reclaim Edwards' reputation in modern scholarship.

For Jonathan Edwards, the nature andattributes of God--all of them—are absolutely core to allelse.
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In this discussion, too, I think Edwards would allow for our making distinctions for purposes of arguments as we think through the calling of believers in the present world. However, he would warn us not to separate what are really interconnected parts of the same whole. He might critique framing the debate as a choice between "saving souls" or "saving the world," suggesting that we are elevating secondary ends into primary ones. It is the glory of God that is the primary purpose of the world. Both the salvation of souls and the unfolding history of the world give us reason to delight in God for who He is, bringing us satisfaction and Him glory.

Iain Murray, JonathanEdwards: A New Biography (Southampton: Banner of TruthTrust, 1987) p.
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Here, in anundated sermon, Edwards drew out the concept in clear language,discussing both the sovereignty of God alone, and moreparticularly, the sovereignty of God in election:

Whatever the case may be, the revival in 1734 certainly marked animportant stage in the ministry of Jonathan Edwards.
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Onecould, with great profit, spend much time examining the uniqueand lasting relationship between Jonathan and Sarah Edwards; thespiritual bond between them, and the outlook of Sarah onspiritual things, are treasures to be held dearly in our modernworld.

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By this twofoldapproach it is hoped that an accurate, balanced presentation ofJonathan Edwards as theologian and Christian man can bepresented.

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One primary text,Edwards' A Dissertation Concerning the End for Which God Createdthe World, though published posthumously (1765), was certainlyintended for publication by Edwards himself, and hence representshis "literary" style.

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The Christianhistorian, on the whole, has a great storehouse of informationavailable to him, from which he must pick and choose that whichis accessible and proper.
When one comes to the life and writings of one Jonathan Edwardsof Northampton, Massachusetts, however, one is faced with anoverabundance of material.

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The Christian'sbusiness is to honour God, and in his own time God will honourhis truth and those who are faithful to it." (Iain Murray,Jonathan Edwards: A New Biography, page 471).

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My simple purpose here is to argue that Jonathan Edwards has something to say into our present discussion on seeking the advancement of the church and the peace of the city. Understanding that human happiness can only be properly achieved in the context of God's glory; that there is a close relationship between God's glory and His happiness; that the present world matters in itself as well as points to an unfolding future history; and that this glory is not only expressed in the "spiritual" things of life, but also in the "ordinary" things of everyday life—these all speak to the fact that the cultural mandate and the Great Commission are inextricably connected. John Piper has the effect of this well when he says "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him."