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that reveals Francis Bacon to be the true genius behind the creation of the ..
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Also here--in this building that dates to 1848--is the , a selective high school that tries to get Regents test prep out of the way so students can concentrate on more creative work.

There are already exciting initiatives in the creation of Shakespeare apps ..
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Howard Felperin comments on Hamlet’s “ironic consciousness” of the fact that he is unable to quickly execute the command of the ghost: Eliot’s unhappy judgments are worth considering here, if only because they are based on an intuition of Shakespeare’s creative process that is so near to and yet so far from the one presupposed in the present essay....

With Jasper Britton returning to the Royal Shakespeare Company to play the eponymous character in Gregory Doran’s productions of Henry IV, it seems a good time to delve into one of our newest collections in the Shakespeare Institute Library.
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Shakespeare introduces the common man in Hamlet not for what we are apt to think of as his "commonness" but for this strange power however you care to name it that he possesses-we have used art, or virtue, or we might have borrowed from Henry James "the individual vision of decency." In Tragedy there is no longer a Chorus moving round the altar of a god; but if Proust is right the spectators are still participants in a supernatural ceremony....

A virtual walking tour of Manhattan's Sixth Avenue, otherwise known as Avenue of the Americas.
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