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The ongoing debate whether student athletes should be paid has been going on for years.

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But today we have gold medalists being stripped of their Olympic medals, players facing a lifetime ban, and every day another athlete being suspended for a shorter period of time....

This is a great topic and issue in general

This review dispels the notion that Breathe-Right strips enhancebreathing during exercise. However, Dr Hatfield suggests that thesestrips may still prove to be useful to athletes in the heat, becausethey may enhance brain cooling. He cites a recent article by Whiteand Cabanac (1995), in which cyclists' nostrils were physicallydilatated by an elastic cord frame attached to two hooks that flaredthe nostrils. At the end of exercise ear-drum temperature was0.2°C lower than in the control condition.

At one point I thought of asking the author to change the title ofthis review to to emphasize that you can get enough air through yourmouth for any form of exercise. But it's too early to be thatdefinite. If the strips reduce heating of the brain, they might wellenhance the performance of endurance athletes or team athletescompeting in hot conditions.--