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Irish republicanism is in a profound state of crisis and is rapidly decaying almost by the week
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A Conspiracy of Silence | by Payoshi & Shoikat Roy

Johnson asked to be let off with a fine; the magistrate replied, “Oh, I can’t let you off with a fine in these conditions.” He was sentenced to twelve months imprisonment with hard labour.
However, the government took away this right by censoring anti-war sentiment and punishing those who took part in it.

As a lesson from the negative outcomes of muzzling dissent, citizens should be properly educated and actively informed about what
goes on in government, especially during wartime, instead of being ignorantly manipulated by censorship.
As opposed to being censored from government injustices, citizens should have been more informed and well educated on what was going on with their country.
Similar to the game STOP, each round will consist of 4 categories.

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crypto liberty: the call has been issued, end central banking now

Muzzling dissent, the government abused its power by...
Espionage Act of 1917
passed shortly after America declared war on Germany in 1817
gave postal officials the authority to ban newspapers and magazines from the mails
threatened individuals convicted of obstructing the draft with $10,000 fines and 20 years in jail
Sedition Act of 1918
an extension of the Espionage Act of 1917
made it a federal offense to use "disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language" about the Constitution, the government, the American uniform, or the flag.

globalism: bolshevism's grand deception
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On the provided piece of paper, each team/table must write one related word/phrase per category.
a team may call out "STOP!" if they wish to end the round, BUT they must have at least 2 of the categories filled out first.
the team(s) that has the most categories CORRECTLY filled out wins a point for that round
people who the government wanted to censor
government policies for muzzling dissent
things the country was in need of during WWI
moral injustices
Supreme Court trials
punishments for antiwar sentiment support
taken-away freedoms
beliefs of IWW dissenters
mediums for (antiwar) propaganda
reasons why radical labor movement became a government target
negative outcomes
reasons given to justify constitutionality of muzzling laws
Over 2100 individuals were persecuted for practicing their Constitutional rights
Deportation of striking miners in Bisbee caused an extreme cases of vigilante activity in which government repression took place
Members of the American Protective League thus started spying on their neighbors and staging a series of well-publicized "slacker" raids on antiwar protesters and draft evaders
Many communities isolated Germans and sought to ban German culture from schools
Disease spread quickly through the unhygienic conditions
Introduction of mustard gas and Chemical warfare, could cause internal bleeding, vomiting and blistering skin with horrific burns and stay potent for weeks.
Contrary to the images of glory and victory that was shown in most propaganda, the fronts of war were horrible places.

Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence - Common Dreams
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