Yes, smoking should be banned totally in restaurants.

In the United States, smoking should be banned while in the presence of children.
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Smoking should not be banned in all restaurants.

and therefore, if restaurants and the like ban people from smoking on the premises than all the better - the simple answer is this - don't smoke in public - keep your mess in your own back yard.

Never mind smokers - they should ban those hideous obese creatures that frequent fast food places.
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I think smoking should be banned in public.

OK, it wasn't part of a huge chain like Pizza Hut but I think this is an example of how smokers are not tolerant of being banished from public places, just as non-smokers are not tolerant of there being a smoking area in a restaurant.

I don't see why smokers should be denied their pleasure, but smoking should be in a contained area.
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This topic is very debatable and in many cases has reached compromises, but I would stand by the argument that smoking should be banned from all public areas because the unfiltered smoke is getting into the lungs of bystanders who do not smoke, and causing some major...

No smoking should not be banned!
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public smoking should be banned Essay ..

However in recent experiences, smokers no longer seem to show any consideration and think nothing of lighting up next to you just as your food arrives, hence I welcome this ban and I am sue it is only a matter of time before most restaurants adopt it.

should be banned because second-hand smoke will endanger ..

I would like to see smoking banned in restaurants and pubs although I don't see why there shouldn't be certain eating and drinking establishments which cater for smokers.

Should smoking be banned in restaurants

I recently travelled to California, where smoking is banned inside all public buildings - but each restaurant/bar/coffee shop provides an outdoor area for smokers.

on banning smoking: it should be up to resturants ..

Smoking in public places should be forbidden; further, those who insist in doing so should be arrested for crimes against humanity - especially those who smoke near children.