Son of Sam’s terrifying killing spree ended 40 years ago ..

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A 24-year-old postal employee said by the police to be the "Son of Sam," the .44-caliber killer who took the lives of six young people and wounded seven others in a year-long reign of terror in New York City, was taken into custody late last night in Yonkers, just north of the city.

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The suspect was rushed from Yonkers to New York City Police Headquarters after his arrest and authorities said he would be booked for the ambush murder of Stacy Moskowitz, 21, and the binding of her date, Robert Violante, 20, in his latest alleged attack on July 21.

The convicted serial killer known as the Son of Sam has reportedly been hospitalized

The killer's random attacks have terrorized New Yorkers for more than a year, prompting women to change hair styles and young people to avoid secluded trysting sites that had been the scenes of the shootings.

Son of Sam: The serial killer who terrorised New York City