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Bobby Massey had produced a song by Al Boyd and Fred Butler on a Cleveland group called S.O.U.L.

Soul By Life Inside The Antebellum Slave Market Walter Johnson

It was the cold blooded Black Music of the 1960's () and 1970's (.) It was the REAL THING, as performed by REAL ARTISTS.

It was music whose best days some will claim, is best viewed thru the "rear view mirror of time."
But try telling that to the 600 or so folks between the ages of 20 - 35, at the 'sweatbox" called "Bell House" () who were there dancing their azzes off from start to finish, that this kind of cold blooded soul/funk is best viewed thru the "rear view mirror of time?"

Something tells me that my music does indeed have a future.
And it is a future that I am even able to share with my daughter.

How's that for a cool way to start off the year?

So Bobby suggested that they change the name to TRUTH and add Larry Hancock (from the Intertains and S.O.U.L.).

The Dark Night of the Soul Essay - 932 Words | Bartleby

Several years after cutting these records, Blenders member Bill Sharpe came across a curious 45 titled �Super Party� by the group the Soul Hustlers, released on Grady�s Linco label. Sharpe was surprised that he had never heard of this local band, and he was shocked to read his own name, �H.

The CJS group were on point! If you ever want to re-energize your funk and soul, well baby, get refunked to sounds of the Carlton J.

Clair, Leon and The Burners, Kim Tolliver, Little Jimmy Scott, Rex Robinson, Eddie Smoots, The Force Band, 9th Street Exit, The Outta Sites, Love for $ and cents (Walter Chaney’s nephew Ruben Chaney’s group), The Solid Foundations, Ruby Carter, Eddie Smalls, The Epics (which were 3 remnants from Glenville’s Rotations), Jim Mudcat Grant (The famous baseball player), Marvelous Ray, The Soul Merchants, Bobby Wade, S.O.U.L.

Settled for a soul cooked meal by our gal Honey.

In Soul By Soul (Harvard, 1999), Walter Johnson showed ..

This is OUR music and if we actually care about it, lets start with ourselves and give it the props that it deserves.

Photos by James VandeZee

Check it out at the following link:

Thanks in advance for your consideration...and next week look for Soul-Patrol's Best of 2008 In Black Music.

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Not only do we announce our listing of best releases each year (and we will do so again for 2008 later this week), we also conducted a little survey of our readership back in the year 2000 of the BEST OF ALL TIME.

As selected by the , back in the year 2000, we think these are the tops in Funk, Jazz, Soul, Rock, Blues and Culture, thru the year 2000.

, and author of Soul by Soul: ..

First and foremost it is a melodic album where every theme can be sung, which is done beautifully by both McKay vocally and Schwarz-Bart instrumentally.

Each of the ten tracks on Rise Above blend the different earthy rhythms of gwoka with jazzy harmonies and chosen nuggets of soul and funk that "thicken the sauce," giving a modern dimension to the sound that is sure to appeal to hip audiences.

Doo Wop Shoo Bop Soul CDs Available

It is probably on my top ten list of things to do.

This past weekend at the 2011 Soul-Patrol Convention, in Philadelphia at a German-American multi-purpose facility called Cannstaters, originally built as a haven for a group of people who were outcast from "normal society," I got a chance to do most of the other 9 things in life that I enjoy doing all squeezed into a relatively compressed 24 hour time period, I wanted to throw a birthday party for an entity called Soul-Patrol that I created 15 years ago by doing much the same thing that I am doing right now.

Doo Wop Shoo Bop list of soul CDs now available

At first he said that WBLS stood for "Black Liberation Station." Later he said that WBLS stood for "The Total Black Experience in Sound." Frankie Crocker explained his concept of "The Total Black Experience in Sound," by suggesting that the station was about a whole lot more than "just soul music." Frankie said that as WBLS Program Director it was his responsibility to bring to us the listener, "The Total Black Experience in Sound." That meant that we would hear:

And we would hear it "all mixed up," just the way "we" invented it!

So how influential was Frankie Crocker?
We may never know the answer to that question.
However if you have been paying attention to Soul-Patrol for any amount of time, clearly Frankie Crocker's whole "Total Black Experience in Sound," has had a pretty big impact on a certain teenager named Bob Davis.

And that is my long winded way of bringing you back to the subject of this review...