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Obviously every situation differs. However, I often see teams where the perceived difference in talent is much greater than the actual differences, and if the coach gave everyone the confidence that he or she gives the “stars,” everyone would be better off.

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In Little League, teams often put the worst player in right field for his mandatory two innings and hope that he draws a walk in his one mandatory at-bat, while the top players play shortstop, first base, pitcher and catcher and bat 3-4 times each game. How is the worst player supposed to have a chance if everything is slanted to favor the best players? The coach creates the self-fulfilling prophesy: he expects more and more from the favored players and less and less from the benchwarmer. Often, the difference between best and worst is a small gap at the beginning of the season, but widens through the season because of the opportunities afforded the chosen players. Also, the difference at the beginning of the season often has as much to do with .

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Children are playing sports in too structured a manner too early in life on adult-size fields — i.e., too large for optimal skill development — and spending too much time in one sport. It can lead to serious injuries and, a growing body of sports science shows, a lesser ultimate level of athletic success.

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My son started playing in a soccer league when he was four

"Everyone enjoyed the style of play. He gave us a lot of freedom. He expected a lot from us but he never put us under too much pressure. He wanted us to show our quality. We knew that the results sometimes might not come. That is football. But the way of playing was perfect for us because it is about having the ball most of the minutes of the match."

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"City are one step ahead of everyone because of their philosophy. I think it is amazing. You can see that in all of the teams he has coached in the way they play. It is something that is not normal. Yes, City have a massive budget but so do other teams and it does not work because the manager doesn't give the right messages and players don't give 100 per cent.

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"So that's not why they are doing so well. The reason is that his philosophy works. Every team that he trains with this philosophy will be very attractive and have 80 per cent of the ball, so they will have more chances to win the game. That is why they are winning. They are putting everything on this philosophy and I really believe this is the best way to win."

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They are cherished memories. "It was definitely the best time of my career," says Assulin, who was capped by Israel as a 16-year-old during a campaign in which he netted 10 times. "It was not just the goals, I really enjoyed playing under such a great person. He was very close to all of the players. I think that is one of the reasons why we gave everything for him.

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Data presented at the April meeting of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine showed that varsity athletes at — many with full scholarships — specialized on average at age 15.4, whereas U.C.L.A. undergrads who played sports in high school, but did not make the intercollegiate level, specialized at 14.2.