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One is informed by Acts that St Paul's early day stance was as "Saul, the Christian persecutor". Yet if Saul really was a vigilante for orthodox Judaism at the time of Stephen's stoning (Acts 7.58-8.3), becoming the chief persecutor of Christians, no less – one wonders just where was Saul, not long before, when a supposed radical rabbi called Jesus was stirring up whole towns and villages?

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I recently started to research my mother's side of the family which has roots in Ireland. My great great great grandparents were John and Elizabeth Hand (formerly Hand). I have no dates or place of birth or death for either John or Elizabeth but do know that they were married on March 3, 1872 in the Catholic Chapel, St. Mary's Church, on Haddington Road in Dublin. The marriage certificate lists James as being of "full age" and Elizabeth being 18 which puts her date of birth in 1853 or 1854. The 1901 British Census lists James' age as 54 and if that is accurate would put his year of birth at 1846 or 1847. However, the 1871 census records his age as 32 with his year of birth as 1839. Other information on the marriage certificate - Elizabeth's father's name was John Hand (bricklayer) and James' father was named Bernard Hand (farmer). I also know that subsequent to their marriage John and Elizabeth lived on West St., Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan where they had their first child, a daughter named Mary Anne who was born on June 19, 1874. They then had a son John Hand born on September 4, 1976 in either Castleblayney or Dublin. They then emigrated from Ireland to Prestwich, England between 1876 and 1879 where my great great grandmother Elizabeth Christina Hand was born on January 8, 1879. John and Elizabeth went on to have five more sons James G., William, Francis, Herbert J. and Charles E.
I also know that at one point a nephew named James Hand lived with James and Elizabeth in Broughton, Salford, England and that the nephew was the son of Patrick and Harriet Hand who lived in Liverpool, England. I do not know if Patrick was John or Elizabeth's brother.
I would be grateful if you had some suggestions as to what my next step would be to continue the search for both John and Elizabeth's family and roots without any other pertinent information which has been made even more difficult seeing as both have the same last name.

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Socko's debut); featured a vignette promoting the debut of Steven Regal; included Michael Cole attempting to get a backstage interview with Owen Hart, leaving the arena with his bags, with Owen only saying "It's over, I'm done;" Terri Poch (Tori) was shown sitting behind the commentary team during the broadcast; featured footage of McMahon at the hospital in which he demanded to see another nurse; included footage of Steve Austin driving into the arena the previous week with a zamboni, attacking McMahon, and being arrested; featured footage of McMahon in his hospital bed, with Austin then attacking him while dressed as a doctor; Austin then hit McMahon with his bed pan, punched McMahon's leg, and then used an enema on him:
D-Lo Brown (w/ Mark Henry) pinned WWF European Champion X-Pac (w/ Chyna) with the frog splash and grabbing the tights for leverage to win the title at 5:17 after Henry caught the champion on the floor and rammed him into the ringpost; during the bout, an unknown man came ringside, handed Chyna a piece of paper, and jumped into the crowd; Henry laughed after Chyna read it
The Headbangers fought the Insane Clown Posse to a no contest in an impromptu match; prior to the bout, the Headbangers cut an in-ring promo in which they challenged the ICP to a match, then telling them to send the Oddities backstage when the ICP finally appeared; moments later, the ICP was assaulted, eventually sustaining steel chairshots to the head; moments later, the Oddities returned ringside and made the save, with the Headbangers then taking the mic and telling the ICP they sucked
Marc Mero (w/ WWF Women's Champion Jacquiline) pinned Vader at 4:14 with the Shooting Star Press after a low blow behind the referee's back, moments after Vader caught an interfering Jacquline as she jumped off the top rope; Sable provided guest commentary for the bout; after the contest, Jacquline took the mic and challenged Sable to get in the ring; moments later, Sable stepped in the ring, with Mero intervening and saying she could never satisfy him; Sable then slapped Mero before Jacquline decked Sable from behind and cut off some of her hair
Edge defeated Owen Hart via forfeit; prior to the bout, it was announced Gangrel's new friend was named Christian and he was Edge's younger brother; during Hart's entrance, footage was shown of the injury the previous week to Dan Severn and trying to walk out of his Sunday Night Heat match with WWF European Champion X-Pac; upon his entrance, wearing street clothes, Owen took the mic and said he never meant for anyone to get hurt and apologized, then broke down crying before he left the ring
Ken Shamrock pinned Kane with a belly to belly suplex off the top at 7:12, moments after the Undertaker appeared ringside and caused Kane to crotch himself on the top rope
Val Venis (w/ Terri Runnels) defeated Gangrel (w/ Christian) via count-out at 2:35 when Gangrel and Christian double teamed an interfering Edge outside the ring; following his entrance, Venis cut a promo about his Magic Johnson; Edge came out of the crowd late in the contest and confronted Christian at ringside; at several points during the match, Jim Ross referred to Christian as "Christopher;" following the contest, an usher handed a gold envelope to Venis; Venis read it, with Goldust's music playing and his voice saying he would return the following week
Al Snow defeated Jeff Jarrett via disqualification at 4:17 after Sgt.


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Paul's role as religious policeman seems not to have awakened until shortly after the godman's death. But in itself this suggests Jesus of Nazareth had no great impact. After all, Saul was a contemporary of Jesus in time and place, raised in Jerusalem ("at the feet of Gamaliel" – Acts 22.3) at precisely the time the godman was overturning moneychangers in the Temple and generally provoking Pharisees and Sadducees.

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But on the one hand, our age is quite simply the greatest opportunity for Christian witness since the time of Jesus and the apostles, and our response should be to seize the opportunity with bold and imaginative enterprise.

Cousin marriage is marriage between cousins (i.e

. Any intellectually honest people who care about immigrationshould be far more upset with President Obama's immigration policies than President Trump's[.] Syrian Christiansconstitute 10% of the Arabs in Syria, yet during the Obama administration, they constituted from .5% to 1% of the refugeespermitted to escape into America from Syria. It is patently obvious that Christians face far greater persecution inSyria and other Arab countries than Muslims, so the statistic described above demonstrates clear discrimination againstChristians by the Obama administration, based 100% on religion and 0% on counter-terrorism. If anything, Christians are less likely than Muslims to be members of ISIS or Muslim fundamentalists or terrorists.