This was the begiining of what is now known as the Great Terror.

NKVD chief Genrikh Yagoda headed the NKVD when Stalin began to prepare for the purges.

A reader writes, "In the great Terror whole families were arrested.

This man started what history now calls "The Great Purges." Through the late 1920's when the rest of the world was living it up as the roaring 20's came to an end, Joseph Stalin was setting the stage for gaining absolute power by employing secret police repression against opposing political and social elements within his own Communist Party and throughout society....

They were purged in great Show Trails, in order for the Stalin to have a motive for punishing them.

The Great Purge, also known as the Great Terror, ..

There is no doubt that Stalin’s purges caused massive damage to the Red Army, and that this combined with his alliance with Hitler were basically responsible for the war with Germany, and WW2 itself. If the USSR had been stronger, and not allied with Germany, Germany would not have attacked Poland. After all the war was started by a joint Russian-German invasion. It has long irritated me that the Allies did not declare war on the USSR as well as Germany.

“the Politburo shot everyone who was had a brain and who could become an opponent.” Just because someone “has a brain” doesn’t make them an opponent. Zhukov is a great example.

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While Stalin administered great changes during his reign and industrialized Russia at a pace unheard of before in history, these were at the cost of millions of lives.

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Thanks and HEIL! Stalin was already before revolution horse thief and mountain robber. For that czarist government tribunal ordered him sentenced to exile. But maybe Stalin’s Order No. 227 was the myth and NKVD didn’t kill any wounded troopers? Maybe Red Terror and Great Purge was also the myth and Stalin was such great mellow dude who didn’t hurt anybody? If you look around there in Russia then you certainly can find older people who suffered under the Stalin’s regime. They can tell you how much death and suffering was around them because this monster. One of the worse in human history!

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By the end of the 1930s, the Great Terror had spread to ordinary people - anybody who looked as though they had a will of their own. Some 20 million ordinary Russians were sent to the - the system of labour camps mostly in Siberia - where perhaps half of them died. The Christian Church and the Muslim religion were forbidden. Ethnic groups were persecuted, and Russification - the acceptance of Russian language and customs - was enforced throughout the Soviet Union. People who had annoyed their neighbours were turned in to the NKVD (the secret police) and arrested, never to be seen again.

Why did Stalin initiate the Great Purges

The Communist leadership was purged - 93 of the 139 Central Committee members were put to death. The armed forces were purged - 81 of the 103 generals and admirals were executed. The Communist Party was purged - about a third of its 3 million members were killed. Photographs and history books were changed to eliminate even the memory of people who had been arrested.

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There is no real accoubnting of the numbers arrested, but it is surely in the millions, especially when one considers not only the Great Purge and Terror, but subsequent arrests in the 1940s and early-50s.