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Standardized test statistic: (statistic-parameter)/(standard deviation of the statistic).
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Mehrens, W. A. (1989). Preparing students to take standardized achievement tests. Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation, 1(11). Retrieved from

This means that the standardized test statistic (in this case, the t-score) is 1.5.
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Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Results (CA …

: Access activities on specific concepts within mathematics strands for grades 1-8 and an extensive list of standardized testing practice sites.

Popham, W. J. (2016). Standardized tests: Purpose is the point. Educational Leadership, 73(7), 44-49.
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is a subscription based online product to help prepare high school, middle school, and elementary students for standardized testing. Materials include diagnostic assessments, performance tracking, practice questions (e.g., multiple choice, free response), games, interactive skill work, performance tasks, video content, instant feedback, and more. Free trials are available to qualified educators. Review products are aligned to individual state standards, including the Common Core (Take A Tour section, Engaging Content).

The following will help you to better understand terms associated with standardized testing:  from the Educational Testing Service.
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Standardized Test Statistic: What is it?

We would hope that teachers use a broad range of curricular materials and activities that address standards--what we have identified as important for students to know and be able to do. Teaching to the test is not a new practice brought about by NCLB, nor will it be any different for preparing learners for testing of the Common Core standards. Teachers have been doing it for as long as standardized tests have been used to make important educational decisions.

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Jeff Weinstock (2008) of T.H.E. Journal provided food for thought for critics of standardized testing. "When the system works the way it should, teaching to the test is a misnomer. It's not the test that teachers are teaching to, but the state learning standards embedded in the test. Has the student learned this, that, and the other?...Count me among those who think introducing some accountability into math instruction is an idea whose time has come. I can't suffer another generation of supermarket cashiers who become disoriented when I hand over $8.07 for a $7.82 bill" (p. 8).

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Become a Smart Learner--Raise your Skills! According to an Education Week Quality Counts (2010) report, many states provide educators with benchmark assessments or item banks linked to their state standards (p. 41). Learn more about standardized tests in your state, and the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) using resources in this section.

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The life of a particular battery is 75 hours. A sample of 9 light bulbs is chosen and found to have a standard deviation of 10 hours and a mean of 80 hours. Find the standardized test statistic.

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"provides a space for you to share your observations of standardized tests your students are taking this year. What works? What doesn't?" That test might be PARCC, SBAC, state tests by Pearson or McGraw-Hill, or the ACT. Parents, teachers, administrators, students, researchers, testing experts, teacher-educators, and others are invited to share their experiences.