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Prisoner Mr Ramsey felt the experiment should never have taken place as it had no true scientific basis and was ethically wrong. "The best thing about it, is that it ended early," he said. "The worst thing is that the author, Zimbardo, has been rewarded with a great deal of attention for 40 years so people are taught an example of very bad science."

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The Stanford Prison Experiment

Professor Zimbardo’s lecture to a packed auditorium was exceptionally thought-provoking; it dealt extensively with the Stanford Prison Experiment as well as the Abu Ghraib incidents. The lecture featured many photos of the shocking and disgusting Abu Ghraib episodes, photos to which only Zimbardo had exclusive access early in the government investigation. After the misconduct came to light, Zimbardo was given extensive access to military documents in order to piece together how and why the incidents took place.

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The Stanford Prison Experiment is an effective, but not satisfying docudrama about the famous 1971 “experiment” in which psychology professor Philip Zimbardo transformed a building at Stanford University into a mock prison and had test subjects role play as prisoners and guards.