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Schele de Vere’s1872 work, , which publishedthe common nicknames of all the states.

The United States and the Haitian Revolution, 1791–1804

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Several businesses under state contract appearin the Proceedings of the General Assembly.

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In the last days of the Revolution, the Society of theCincinnati formed chapters in each of the thirteen original states.

The Old Line that once earned Maryland soldierssuch an untarnishable reputation in 1776, now stands fast as a symbolicname for the entire state. Defininga Name
Accordingto popular tradition, Washington bestowed his high esteem upon the MarylandLine after viewing their heroic stand at the Battle of Long Island.

Other states’ RevolutionaryWar legacies were also recognized that day, but Pratt distinguished Maryland’sunit with the term “old.” A year later Sen.

The State and Revolution: Chapter 2: The Experience of 1848-51

The Pennsylvania Children's Center Program is designed to meet the needs of the children in the community. The Pinnacle Curriculum is the core of the educational program and is faith based to develop appropriate activities in a safe and nurturing environment. Part of the State Regent's Project 2016-2019 is needed updates to the building.

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The performance and conduct of the troopwas a product of their time spent drilling before joining the ranks ofthe Continental Army – training that differentiated the Maryland Linefrom other state’s troops.

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While other states responded to Congress’scall for recruits with untrained militia, on 18 January 1776, the MarylandProvincial Convention working, under the assumption that paid soldiersfurnished with rations and suits of clothes would be better soldiers, establishedthe Maryland Line as a regiment of uniformed regulars.

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As Congresscalled for states to furnish their quota of recruits, Washington believedmore Marylanders served than the state was accredited, and furnished theContinental Army with a disproportionately large number of regiments.

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Wilkinsonreceived his Maryland pension after 1815, and died in Mexico in 1825. In his memoirs, although desperate to salvage his disgraced reputation, Wilkinsondid not lay claim to sharing the fame of his state's line. In referring to the "old line" in 1799, Washington was merely being consistentin his use of "line" to refer to troops in general.