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From Stem Cells to Lung Cells Far-reaching implications for BU research

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A mini-documentary discussing the remarkable regenerative capabilities of the planarian, and how HHMI researcher Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado uses them to study the biology of stem cells.

05/06/2012 · From Stem Cells to Lung Cells Far-reaching implications for BU research

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The outcome of poor visual acuity in these three patients arouses concern about the performance of procedures at stem-cell clinics that charge patients for their services and that lack clinical or preclinical data to support their practices. Many stem-cell clinics have claimed that autologous stem-cell injections do not fall under the auspices of FDA regulations. Our case reports establish the possibility of devastating outcomes from such procedures. Other case reports have shown a lack of efficacy in cases of medical tourism in which nothing was injected into the patient’s eye. The need for oversight of such clinics and for the education of patients by physicians and regulatory bodies is paramount to protecting patients while advancing proper research and innovation.

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Although numerous stem-cell therapies for medical disorders are being investigated at research institutions with appropriate regulatory oversight, many stem-cell clinics are treating patients with little oversight and with no proof of efficacy. A distinction has been made between clinical studies of stem-cell therapies that are founded on solid preclinical research with strong scientific design and programs that lack preclinical research justification. These programs are often funded by patients at nonacademic centers, and they may not receive FDA oversight if these procedures are performed without the filing of an investigational new drug application with the FDA, which requires extensive safety data. At least one of the patients thought the procedure was performed within the context of a clinical trial (). However, the consent forms signed by all three patients do not mention a clinical trial. The patients paid for a procedure that had never been studied in a clinical trial, lacked sufficient safety data, and was performed in both eyes on the same day. Experimental bilateral intravitreal injections are both atypical and unsafe.

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