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I believe that further research needs to be done on steroids in order to have medical proof that can detour people from using this illegal substance or to prove that it is not harmful if used properly so that it may be made legal and people be given a choice.

For example, I have devoted a whole section of my paper to the prevention and care of steroid use....

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This study was approved by the institutional review boards of the Harbor–UCLA Research and Education Institute and the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science. All the study subjects gave informed written consent. The subjects were normal men weighing 90 to 115 percent of their ideal body weights; they were 19 to 40 years of age and had experience with weight lifting. They were recruited through advertisements in local newspapers and community colleges. None had participated in competitive sports in the preceding 12 months. Men who had ever taken anabolic agents or recreational drugs or had had a psychiatric or behavioral disorder were excluded from the study.

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The number and title of this announcement, "Research onAnabolic Steroid Abuse, PA-92-80," must be typed in item number 2a ofthe face page of the PHS 398 application form.

In this paper I hope to focus on the steroids and performance enhancing drugs and how they have become a problem in sports.

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RESEARCH OBJECTIVESThe widespread abuse of anabolic-androgenic steroids [derivatives oftestosterone possessing both androgenic (virilizing) and anabolic(tissue building) properties, hereafter referred to as anabolicsteroids] is a significant public health concern.


Examples of research topics relevant to this announcement include:o Studies to determine whether or not there are significantneuropsychiatric and psychosocial effects of anabolic steroid use.

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Many scholarly papers concerning anabolic steroids found by internet search containing the word "libido" do not mention it in the abstracts or summaries available without payment of afee, so it is hard to cite particulars. We may, however, turn to George Mitchell's recommended general source of steroids information, Hoffman and Ratamess; that paper cachesreproductive-system effects under "Additional Adverse Effects", meaning they don't feel it deserves discussion as a full-fledged topic on its own. What they do have to say shows quitediffering results from differing studies. For example:

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As I remarked above, there are at least five other studies--all listed and linked on the longer page--all based on sophisticated analysis of real data, andeach using a different approach, that each reach the same basic conclusion: there is no visible effect attributable to steroids. In the most mathematically dense and rigorouspaper, its author, Professor Arthur DeVany, spares no words: