Free speech is flunking out on college campuses

THAT had nothing to do with freedom of speech! That was intimidation, pure and simple.
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You MUST complain to the university, even though it will not do that much. Then when it does little, you can complain to the US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights. Ironically, it is the ultimate SOURCE of much of this bad behavior, by giving special power to black students on campus, but it will have great difficulty avoiding the conclusion that white students were mistreated on the basis of their race and that the school did nothing, based on the race of victims and perpetrators. So it may have to act, as it should, and as it does not wish to. And if it does NOT so act, that will impugn its credibility, and make its ability to provide future support to black radicals, false rape complainants, and the like, much weaker. Which is ALSO a victory. So complain NOW, complain to the university, and complain to DOE OCR. If they act on your complaint, you WIN. And if they DON’T, you may also, in a sense, win.

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I would be open-minded. These subjects would be important enough for me to investigate thoroughly. After all Israel spends a lot of money and energy trying to get world Jewry believing in the Nazi holocaust—even sponsoring trips for their people. But instead we have many who are condemning these serious historians, listed in the above list of video interviews, as anti-Semitic and condemning the very idea of giving them a chance to share their perspectives (and even having them arrested and jailed especially in European countries—and not too soon here in America—it is their only way to hide the truth is to ban peoples’ right to free speech).

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The pervasive illusions of Marxism taught on college campuses inculcate young people into the belief that the disadvantaged must struggle against the advantaged, and that the struggle is both moral and inevitable. Over a lifetime of experience many will realize these pleasing notions are deeply flawed, that merit is not a racist or sexist construct, that real virtue in civilized societies means adding not redistributing value, that only a society in which no person is entitled to the fruits of another’s labor can ever truly approach the moral ideal.

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and when the government tries to censor speech, ..

[Tyranny can include when the political class of a country has basically created highly expensive wars in which only military investor/ bankers profit, while the middle class and lower class are expected to fight their unnecessary wars especially when those wars were created on deceit. Tyranny can include a deliberate usurpation of government power and power grabs for select minorities. As we discuss below real governmental abuse has been the day, controlled by special interests, and not the majority, willing to outlaw free speech and other rights of the people not especially represented in the real power structure.]

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Still, it is a fact that Jews especially are pushing hysteria about current gun laws (and seemingly more concerned in getting rid of semi-automatics and fire-power capacity) is not a fact people should simply set aside as irrelevant—it is very relevant—especially since Zionist groups on campuses are trying to destroy our right to free speech at the same time—and others also advocate for more and more immigration into the United States (for dubious reasons).

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The 1st Amendment is about restricting the government from abridging the freedom of speech of a citizen. It has nothing to do with enabling a person or group to verbal or physically harass another person. Expel the little fascist pukes.

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Great, good for you. And I believe, as a universal principle, that people should not believe or say racist things, even if the First Amendment says they have that right. That’s what, among other things, BLM is against. Interestingly, much of the conservative coverage of the Dartmouth protest failed to even mention what specific event the BLM protesters at Dartmouth were protesting: the vandalization of artwork (talk about spitting in the face of free speech) attempting to draw attention to black deaths. Meanwhile, people are now literally shooting at peaceful BLM protesters, and you choose to direct your anger at a few black kids for getting angry about the destruction of their art by racist scum, because you think their opposition to racism is opposed to free speech? I have little faith in your priorities or analysis of the situation.