Devin Townsend Defends His Departure from STRAPPING YOUNG LAD

Strapping Young Lad; Alien; Love

Strapping Young Lad - Skesis Lyrics

Blindfolded and taken to a rough part of town by two strapping lads, the privileged young toff is instructed to remove his clothing and present his naked body for inspection by a group of common cleaning women.

lyrics by Strapping Young Lad: March!!

-- : Classroom canings: Eleven clips.

Five boys each receive four strokes on the backside in front of their class.
A boy in army uniform bends over to be caned.
A young lady teacher does her best to cane a senior boy amid jocularity.
A mass bare-bottom paddling of technical school students.
A lady teacher whacks two boys in class with a small stick.
Four secondary boys get a quick-fire paddling in class.
Secondary students get a hard paddle swat at front of class.
A succession of boys and girls are punished with a ruler on the hands.
Seven secondary boys vigorously whacked with a broomstick.
Twelve senior boys get a brisk classroom caning.
Five teenagers bend over a chair for a light paddling.

A disorderly mob whips a thief mercilessly.

-- - Seven clips.Scenes of extrajudicial or unofficial punishment in Mexico (3), Iraq (2), and Brazil (2).Some readers may find these scenes distasteful or harrowing.

-- : Flogged for adultery.

Public flogging of a man and a woman by sentence of a local court, August 2015.

-- : Flogged for escaping marriage.

Protracted flogging by local mullahs of a teenage girl for running away from a forced marriage, January 2010.

-- : Woman flogged.

This 10-second video clip gives a fleeting glimpse of an impromptu flogging by the Taliban of a (mostly hidden from view) woman in a Kabul street, 2001.

-- : Boys caned by village court.

-- : Youth gets a public whipping on his legs as part of a tribal community punishment for murder (2008).

-- : More public whippings on the legs by tribal custom, this time of three FARC rebels for disturbing the peace.
With news item (July 2012).

-- : Various offenders (male and female) whipped in public tribal punishment. Three clips.

-- : Public corporal punishment: two clips. Several young men whipped on the bare back in 2007.
Offenders publicly whipped on the clothed back in 2013.

-- : TV news clip shows four youths aged 18-20 receiving a public whipping from their elders on the orders of the local tribal court, 2007.

-- : Demonstration in the prison museum of the A-frame and cane formerly used for judicial CP.

-- : Police floggings. Seven clips. News item (2007): two youths get an unofficial flogging by police in a city street. In a police station in the Indian part of Punjab (2010), a youth is punished with the "patta", more often seen in Pakistani Punjab. Two men flogged with canes (2013) in what appears to be an attempt to extract confessions. Three youths get a strapping by women police for sexual harassment. Five men severely caned outdoors. Arrested men are randomly whipped in the street. Suspected miscreants rounded up and caned in the city of Indore.

-- : Two video clips of public canings in Aceh province.

(1) A man and a woman are each given 7 strokes in 2007. This gives a much clearer picture of the procedure than previous clips.
(2) An earlier and less clear film from local TV in which a man and a woman are punished.

-- : Unofficial public whippings -- two clips. Five youths whipped on the bare back.