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The black belt to me also represents health. Since age 7, I have struggled with over stressing myself, getting myself very frustrated, and an active history of migraines. Migraines, that for the past 8 or 10 months, have been non-existent. As I said, I approach life differently and while I still get frustrated with everything on my plate, I outlet the frustration in different ways. Like hitting the bag, practicing a form, or making a list of thins I can do to rectify a situation. I believe that I think about the things I do more before I act. This is beneficial especially with the pressures teenagers face with drugs and alcohol today. At homecoming this year, for example, I volunteered to be the designated driver and ended up to taking care of a girl who had way too much to drink and was left my the people she came to the party with. I am not saying that I haven’t made wrong decisions, but as time has progressed with me in the Martial Arts, I find that I am making more of the right ones.

8. There is a “special course” that’ll get you black belt in 6 months or less.

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It is true, that there are a never ending amount of meanings that the black belt has and why it is important to me. Overall though, all of these reasons paint one big picture: that anything is possible with the right attitude, the right drive, and the right coach. With all of the problems, I mean obstacles; I have been faced with in the past seventeen years, I have been fortunate enough to fall in the hands of this academy. For every change I have made in my life, for ever opinion I have formed, every move I have learned, and very person I have met; this is what the black belt means. It is every goal that is ever set and met, and it is the never ending force that will lead to success. I feel like a different person than I was 3 years ago, and a lot of that I owe to Shihan Moti, Melissa, my parents and sisters, of course, Miss Katie, and my friends (who have changed undoubtedly throughout the years). In essence, you are the reason it is important to me. Whenever I lost hope, or was discouraged, you are the one’s to get me back on track and are, in a large part, the reason it is important for me to be not only a physical black belt, but mentally… and to be a role model to others.

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Although the black belt is my main goal at this time in my training, there are many other goals along the way. Being an example for younger students is important to me, in order to become a black belt. Aiding in the SWAT classes puts me on the spot as an example, and although at first I found this terrifying, I am now becoming more comfortable with it. I will become confident teaching students, and leading them as they try to reach their black belts.

Training with him is not easy, but it makes your better.

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I want to be a black belt because it is hard and my goal is ninth degree. I have learned all the moves and that is important to me so I can use what I have learned against bullies. Taekwondo has helped me to concentrate.

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I am honestly in disbelief writing this essay, as it is a surreal feeling to be this close to a black belt. Looking back, the time has flown by, and I am excited and eager to see what the future holds. Thanks again for everything you guys have given me.

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My appearance, the confidence and life skills I have earned have helped me in accepting who I am and appreciating the way I am. It is blatantly obvious that when I started the martial arts, I had an array of complexes about my weight and the way I look and have struggled with that for many years. I have explored ways to make myself happier about the way I looked that have including with some crash diets and other things that I am not proud of, it was not until I got the coaching from Shihan and Ma’am on how to go about making these changes in a slower (but healthier manner) that I have been on my way to being more confident. Though there are still things I want to change about myself, I have become more mature in that I am not willing to harm myself in order to do so. In getting my black belt, I hope to send a message and set the example to other kids, especially young girls, that a healthy lifestyle is the way to go; moreover, that a confidence in yourself is more important than how others judge. This was proven to be true, when answering a prospect’s e-mail yesterday with Shihan, to a young teenage girl struggling with issues concerning weight and appearance. It is such a prevalent issue, especially with the standards proposed by this society, and it is so important for kids to have a role model and a lending ear for issues such as these. Having seen the support Shihan, Melissa, and recently Miss Katie have given me; I want to be A PART of that support team.

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I consider my surgery to be a total success and I am going to practice taekwondo and even hapkido at 54 years old. I did receive my second black belt just before my knee surgery and I will continue. I love my new Krames Titanium knee.