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Oprah urged on,

7 Ways You May Be Blocking Your Own Blessings

Wow,amazing,you make my life better and confident when I talk to someone in english,I really appreciate it,thank you so much,love you all…
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When God Doesn’t Approve of Your Relationship

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it is a good method to learn real English techniques by repetition to read, listen and written practice so many time that will help my brain to remember grammar,vocabulary and sentences so that advanced in English speak like a native speaker, also I will join the new conversation club open in September if have a way to find in future. thank u very much indeed for repetition Techniques Video and I love it a lot and listen it repeat and repeat again without boring to enough it!

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On the day agreed upon, I made another trip to visit the school. On the same stretch of road where we stalled the week before, a car coming from the other direction drifted into my lane. The driver was looking at something on the passenger seat and not paying attention. Of course, the rule of thumb is never to swerve into the other driver’s lane, simply because when he becomes aware of what’s happeing, he’s naturally going to swing back into his own lane. When it was apparent we were going to hit, I swerved my car off the road to avoid a collision. Thankfully, I made it across a drainage ditch without rolling over and proceeded into a field. This all took place at the exat same spot where I broke down a week earlier.

It is wonderful to see our community of homeschoolers rally around each other!

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If we are going to apply anything we have learned before, let it be what we have learned from Luke in the preceeding chapters and verses. Luke’s continuity is unbroken here. What he is describing is God dealing with Israel according to His prophetic promises — the most prominent of which is the promise of an earthly kingdom. That has been the context throughout our studies to this point, and there is no mystical transition to a “kingdom in the hearts of men”. When God is ready to describe that transition in His Word, He will make it clear. And the time in Luke’s narrative has not yet come.

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Peter’s audience is still Men of Israel (vv5, 14, 22, 36). What’s more, the specific accusation that caused such an anguished reaction in his listeners was that they were responsible for the crucifixion of the Messiah. Note that Peter does not accuse them of any of the raft of sins described by Paul in the first chapter of his letter to the believers in Rome! Peter doesn’t accuse them of violating any of the Ten Commandments specifically or of violating any of the ceremonial Laws of Moses. He doesn’t accuse them of some general moral failure. His accusation was very pointed and specific, and it evoked a very pointed and specific reaction:

Over 400 Illustrations to color and wide margins for journaling

Finally we come to Peter’s answer to the question, “Brethren, what should we DO?” But before we dive in, dear reader, a reminder — if we are to observe the Word for what it says, we must cast of preconceived notions about what we might have been taught it means. We are not at the point of interpreting the passage until we have discovered what it says plainly for ourselves.

It’s very useful! Thank you so much

Again, with Paul and with biblical hindsight, we humbly praise God for His infinite wisdom that brought salvation to us in spite of Israel’s obstinacy when He was prevented from doing so through Israel’s rule.