What are the similarities in Buddha and Jesus' teachings?

Buddha and Christ have many striking differences, but also quite a few similarities.

Jesus Vs Buddha: 9 Major Differences

There is nothing wrong with buddhism ( At least I dont think so ) What is wrong is the way it is practiced in the Tibetan tradition. They practice buddhism as though Buddha says the direct opposite of what he does, and then lies about it.
Buddha said “see through illusion”. Tibeten buddhists bend reality to be as they find it fitting, and then lies about it, and says they are seeing though illusion.
Buddha said compassion. Tibeten buddhists….
That is just wacked.
I cant speek for all tibetan buddhists centers, practioners and teachers, and say it is the same everywhere. But everytime I have given it chance, I have been scared….

In the literary pieces that we have read this semester, Buddha, Jesus Christ, and their religions have often been motifs.

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If we examine the claims of such organisations critically and research the personalities behind them, we invariably find that they have more to do with making money and personal glory than the dissemination of the Ancient Mystery Teachings. No wonder genuine seekers are highly suspicious of anything they read online or in print published by organisations that make such claims. Let us say at once that this Secret order is not associated with any organisations that pursue political aims, or offer their members social and political advancement, wealth or material power. The are not concerned with politics or statecraft in any form Can you name one Master who ever involved themselves in politics? Or a True Teacher who was interested in personal glory, social advancement or riches? Need we give examples? Jesus is one, Gautama Buddha is another. Such great Souls have better things to do with their time on earth and better ways to lead Mankind toward the One Light of Truth than from a throne or Presidential palace!

Foundation Faith of the Millennium, New York: . All religious leaders, including Jesus, Mohammad and Buddha were sent by God.

Such embodiments may take place at any time in any country. The Hindus believe that there have been many such incarnations of divinity in the past and that there will be many in the future. Krishna, Buddha, Jesus the Christ, Chaitanya and Ramakrishna, each one of these has been considered to be the embodiment of divine qualities and powers. The lives and deeds of all of them were superhuman, and consequently divine. They were full of the manifestations of such powers, as ordinary mortals do not possess.

Very little is known about his childhood and the Bible only reveals a picture of Jesus and his teachings when he was approximately 30 years of age.

any links between Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, and Krishna

Although the Hindus do not agree to accept the doctrines and dogmas of Churchianity, still they do not hesitate to believe in Jesus the Christ as the Son of God, as an incarnation of Divinity in a human form on earth. The Hindu conception of the incarnation of God is much more rational and deeper in meaning than that of the Christians. Those who have read the Bhagavad Gita will understand what the Hindus mean by the incarnation of Divinity on earth. Whether Jesus the Christ had a historical personality or not, is not discussed by the Hindus. They understand by the word Christ that supreme state of God-consciousness where all dualities vanishes, where all idea of separateness ceases forever, and where the tremendous onrush of the divine essence of the universal Spirit, breaking down all the barriers and limitations of our human consciousness, causes us to realize our eternal oneness with the heavenly Father on the spiritual plane. Whoever reaches that state becomes a Christ, whether he be Krishna or Buddha, or a Jesus of Nazareth. The particular name makes no difference to a Hindu. They are all great, all divine, all incarnations of God on earth. Show me one who has reached that state, and I will worship him as a living divinity on earth.

Christianity and Buddhism: a Comparison and Contrast

The teachings and parables of Jesus were transcribed from his disciples to become influential pieces of writings to those who choose to live by it morally.