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He's fueling the fire of technological determinism with his latest books,
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Technological determinism is theoretical and methodological orientation in the philosophical and sociological concepts and research on the reduction of the understanding of social development to technological progress, which has a decisive impact on the being, thinking, and language of their adepts. It appeared in 1920 in connection with turbulent progress in the development of science and technology, increasing the efficiency of their use in the development of mass production.

The argument for Marx as a technological determinist appears in Langdon Winner,  (Cambridge: MIT press, 1978), pp.
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Technological determinism is the view that technology does and should drive change with humans playing only bit parts in the drama.
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They insist that all technology is socially constructed, driven by social, economic, and political forces that are human in origin and thus by definition subject to human control.

I'd like essays that define, critique, and put into perspective a variety of responses to technologicaldeterminism.
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Without embracing technological determinism, he nonetheless allowed, as this paper asserts, that "modern weaponry has made war too dangerous for nuclear powers to use as an instrument of policy."

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Society, by contrast, is entirely dependent on the level of engineering and technology, as the latter have the most impact on the industry, which only leads to a modification of social and cultural life.

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and thus further erode the American economic base.

This is the determinism that breeds new mandarins and Pentagon capitalism.

Technological determinism as a late twentieth century phenomenon has spawned a reactionary literature.

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Due to the fact that technological change is always ahead of the social (Ogborn’s cultural lag theory), society interests are subject to the constant updating of technical and economic spheres, and the technology is not only defines all aspects of social life, but also the direction of social development, the type of society, its structure, etc.

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Keeping in mind that everything that is technically possible, finds its implementation, regardless of human ideals and values ??(the concept of technological imperative), the adherents of technological determinism define technical progress as some non-social dominant, defining the historical progress of mankind, and becoming, in such manner an absolute basis for the study of human history (D. Ribeiro).

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