The Naked Employee: How Technology Is Compromising Workplace Privacy.

You can feel it in the air. The time for the wireless workplace is now.

Enhancing Workplace Learning Through Mobile Technology

Our workplace research will guide professionals in learning to predict the likely Robert Half Technology.A visual summary of the Knoll Research paper "Engaging Workspace with Technology: A Planning Approach to Future-Proof Your Investment.".Technology in the Workplace essaysThere are several different ways company's use technology The first of these technological advances include automating administrative functions.

Yes Collaboration Technology is going to one of the best way of doing task effectively and smartly.

The Quantified Workplace: Technology vs Trust?

For others, technology, social media and mobile devices are what keeps workplace communication flowing even if they are just across town from each other, and not in another part of the world like us. As if all this wasn’t complex enough, throw an old-fashioned boss who doesn’t understand social media or the latest technology into the mix, and you’re in for a real treat. A common concern of bosses is still that employees will misuse their company-paid devices and newly found mobile flexibility for personal use. To that, I say, get over it (unless it’s abused of course). What I mean by that is that employees are working more and more hours these days. Most of them are doing the work of two or three people.

The Quantified Workplace will be introduced, but at the speed of employee trust.

To be checking a phone or tablet has for some become an obsession and has caused an increase in cases of depression, stress and anxiety. For many people the last thing they do at night and the first thing they do in the morning is to check their phones. The Quality of Working Life Report 2016 developed by The Chartered Management Institute has done some key research in this area and can be read by . To compile the report, they interviewed 1,574 managers and concluded that 61% of them found that mobile technology makes it harder for them to switch off and that 54% of them often check emails outside of work, with 21% always checking.

Wireless technologies are leading the way when it comes to improving the user experience and productivity of a workplace.

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This “always on” culture refers to the modern use of technology and the ability to be constantly connected. The lines between our public and private lives have become so blurred. Whilst these developments have made such positive impacts on lives, this culture is also having serious consequences on our mental health.

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Technology is advancing at such a fast rate and is now second nature to most people. It is more common than not now to have a smart phone or tablet which allows people to keep in contact with each other from all across the world with great ease. With access to email, social media, the news and numerous apps just a click away, it is impossible for this not to change the way we live our lives. We are never far from communication or finding out what’s going on in the world. This has resulted in the development of the “always on” culture.

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Embedding into your space design is critical to the success of any workplace transformation effort. Employees need seamless, uninterrupted access to the information they need to get their jobs done. And the tools they use must be as intuitive as their own personal devices.

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This ability – and in some cases – obsession with checking emails and staying connected is making it more difficult to switch off from work. Technology and employment now go hand in hand. Every office is run on technology and owning smart phones, tablets or laptops has resulted in it being easier to continue to work away from the office. Many employers have a “bring your own device” policy and social media and IT policies are commonplace. Whilst this may have some benefits, it clearly has negative elements to it and is seriously impacting the mental health of employees.

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These are the ways in which workplace transformation can improve productivity, break down communication barriers, and speed decision-making and innovation – by allowing people to work together anywhere, on any device. Companies on technologies that enable consistent and connected communications between employees, customers and partners. When you combine these technologies with an activity-based workplace design, you’ll create an environment in which people can achieve extraordinary things.