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Over the past several years, honesty and integrity testing in the workplace has become more and more prevalent. There are several reasons for this increase. First, organizations that had utilized polygraph testing in the past for their employees were forced to stop due to new legislation. This created a void in this type of testing - something that these companies likely regretted because they knew that testing for honesty had great benefits, both in the quality of personnel hired and in the reduction of theft and other counterproductive behavior. Second, companies are realizing that the high cost of turnover even in entry-level jobs merits more careful selection procedures. And finally, evidence suggests that organizations and companies have reason to fear that their employees may in fact steal from them. Studies show that honesty testing works - in companies where testing has been implemented, theft and other forms of dishonest behaviors have decreased dramatically.

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Honesty tests must be interpreted cautiously, and in the context of other information about the individuals taking the test. No selection decisions should be made solely on the basis of the results of this test; the assessment should be used as just one part of the selection process. In addition, the test should be used only for jobs for which it is relevant, such as those that involve access to money and merchandise, jobs where there isn't much supervision or strict enforcement of rules, and other occupations vulnerable to dishonest behavior.

Mary's results indicated a tough attitude towards theft, time theft, cyberloafing, and dishonest behavior in general. S/he is someone who believes that dishonesty should not be tolerated in the workplace. S/he has a punitive attitude towards the behaviors mentioned in our test, something that is not generally found in people with a propensity for dishonesty.

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Companies also prefer their testers to give specific and straightforward opinions related to their products. Honesty is essential for becoming a successful product tester. By voicing your opinions, you can have your say about how good a product actually is.

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Raymond Frederici is Vice President of Quality & EHS for TestAmerica Laboratories, Inc. Mr. Frederici is 34 years tenured with TestAmerica and its legacy companies and is responsible for establishing, implementing, monitoring and enforcing company-wide ethics, quality assurance, and health & safety programs. Mr. Frederici drives risk management systems and operational cultures to minimize system failures and promote continuous improvement for the entire company. Mr. Frederici holds a B.S. in Environmental Biology from Eastern Illinois University and a Master in Business Administration from Olivet Nazarene University in Kankakee, IL. As a proven leader and organizational change agent, he possess excellent abilities for policy development and enforcement, strategic planning and process improvement. He is a strong and decisive decision-maker who takes personal responsibility for ethics, quality, environmental health & safety and fostering a company culture of honesty and data integrity. He provides ethics training companywide and implements fraud prevention and detection programs.

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Mr. Frederici is active in numerous Professional Affiliations including the American Council of Independent Laboratories Environmental Data Integrity Initiative, the Institute for National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation, the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference and the Department of Defense Environmental Data Quality Workgroup. He has more than 20 professional publications and has been involved in the development of environmental laboratory accreditation regulations/standards through involvement in NELAC, the U.S. EPA and State agencies. His EHS responsibilities include companywide compliance with OSHA safety and EPA's hazardous material handling and waste disposal regulations. As TestAmerica's Ethics Compliance Officer, he fosters a company culture of honesty and data integrity by providing ethics training across all business functions and implements fraud prevention and detection programs.

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TestAmerica's Program Standards provide the technical framework for our laboratories to deliver the highest levels of scientific and service performance in environmental testing industry. TestAmerica's goal is to generate analytical data to meet the project's specific data quality objectives facilitating appropriate management decisions. Ms. McIsaac will assist the client's project team in the development of a comprehensive testing strategy to support all requirements of the dredged material, sediment and tissue programs. TestAmerica's Dredged Material, Sediment and Tissue Laboratories are committed to provide outstanding client service, the lowest detection limits, the highest integrity, the fastest turnaround times, and with the best accuracy and precision.