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People used to walk to Canada across frozen-over Niagara Falls. An accident changed everything.

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Many times since, I've wondered why I didn't die. I was angry at the other driver who ran the stop sign and T-boned my car, nearly totaling it. Yet, out loud, I'd tell my daughter, "No, it was an accident. The other driver didn't mean to hit us." The difference between this car accident and others I've been in is that I got hurt — and no one could see my injuries.

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It's such a weird question, but I get it all the time. People become incredulous when they find out I don't have a car in Los Angeles. "What happened to your car?" they ask, as if every person who lives in L.A. gets a car upon arrival — if you don't have yours, something bad must've happened. And OK, fine, something bad did happen, something that caused my head to whip back and my muscles to spasm. It caused my car to shatter into many pieces, some of which are still sprinkled across Interstate 405. As far as car accidents go, mine was pretty anticlimactic. A 23-year-old dude was showing off how fast his BMW could go and clipped a car, which proceeded to smash into another car. I was driving that other car.

25 Accidental Inventions That Changed The ..

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