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– Lay the gun on the target with the correct sight setting to hit the target.

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A-145. The MK 19 and M2 can be used as part of the base-of-fire element to assist the friendly assault element by suppressing enemy bunkers and lightly-armored vehicles. Even if ammunition fired from the guns is not powerful enough to destroy enemy vehicles, well-aimed suppressive fire can keep the enemy buttoned up and unable to place effective fire on friendly assault elements. The MK 19 and M2 are particularly effective in preventing lightly-armored enemy vehicles from escaping or reinforcing. Both vehicle mounted weapons can fire from a long range stand-off position, or be moved forward with the assault element.

– Without disturbing the lay of the gun, set the rear sight at a range of 1,600 meters.

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A-34. Leaders and gunners should strive at all times to position their gun teams where they can best take advantage of the machine gun’s beaten zone with respect to an enemy target. Channeling the enemy by use of terrain or obstacles so they approach a friendly machine gun position from the front in a column formation is one example. In this situation, the machine gun would employ enfilade fire on the enemy column, and the effects of the machine gun’s beaten zone would be much greater than if it engaged that same enemy column from the flank.

– Lay the gun on the target with the correct sight setting to hit the target.

A-79. A good FPL covers the maximum area with grazing fire. Grazing fire can be obtained over various types of terrain out to a maximum of 600 meters. To obtain the maximum extent of grazing fire over level or uniformly sloping terrain, the gunner sets the rear sight at 600 meters. He then selects a point on the ground that he estimates to be 600 meters from the machine gun, and he aims, fires, and adjusts on that point. To prevent enemy soldiers from crawling under grazing fire, he searches (downward) by lowering the muzzle of the weapon.

– Fire. Gunners open fire without command on appropriate targets that appear within their sectors.

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I have to be serious here, sorry, it's just irresponsible to put a firearm in the hands of an unsuspecting female, or anyone for that matter, that doesn't know because you haven't shown them what to expect, just so you may get a laugh at their expense. All those shots look like their first experience and may wind up to be their impetus later on to not allow a future husband to protect his home with a gun. Yes, nobody was seriously hurt and they're all funny and some were staged. I'm a Viet Nam era sailor (1966 Aviation Ordnance) and non of the females I've taught, have sore shoulders, bruised foreheads or "scope eye" because I wanted them to use and respect the firearm for protection, not fear it!

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The titles of 'best' gun accidents is really absurd. It should not be celebrated. If, any of those who did not use proper weapons firing techniques were killed, shot, or killed or shot someone else, then the 'funny' part would not be funny. Any loaded weapon in the hands of inexperienced people without proper training should NEVER BE!

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A-87. The gunner uses the notched-stake or tree-crotch technique with the bipod mount to engage predetermined targets within a sector or to define sector limits. This technique is effective during all conditions of visibility and requires little additional material. The gunner uses the following steps:

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As with "Girls, Girls, Girls and Guns" I can see where some could only see the humor and totally miss the life altering/life ending results of poor range safety, regardless of where the range happened to be and nothing said of the complete idiots who were not killed in this video and I can't understand why. I'm a Vietnam Era Veteran, I've been involved in gun safety since long before Basic in 1964. Starting in 1972, after discharge, Law Enforcement and I have slept, ate, drank, and wept over an "Accidental Discharge" of a weapon when no such thing as "Accidental" exists. "Unintended", maybe. YES, this video has some really funny stuff, belly slapping in fact. What was the soldier firing that put him on his rear end? looked a little like the yet to be fielded XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System? And the Vehicle Mounted machine gun barrel falling off. No, not a bit funny in a combat situation but for this video, YES. What was it anyway, a 60? The LEO training officer discharging a round in front of a class! That was a classic when I was teaching classes how to change their vocabulary, NEVER refer to any gun as UNLOADED, anywhere, anytime. It really is that simple.