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17/01/2011 · Software errors cost the U.S

Industrialized/militarized civilization is destroying the planet and any chance of a future for any of us. Global geoengineering programs are the absolute epitome of this destruction. If we are to have any chance whatsoever of altering the current course of certain near term total extinction on our planet we must start marching in the same direction. If we are to have any chance of turning the current tide in time to salvage any part of Earth's life support systems, the fight for life must be our top priority. Exposing and halting the climate engineering insanity is the greatest single leap forward we could collectively make. . There is no silver bullet solution, no magic petition, no political remedy. Exposing and halting the tidal wave of insanity is up to us, each of us, all of us. Those who claim to truly love their children have an absolute obligation to help in the battle to sound the alarm each and every day. Those who claim to care about the fate of the world need to take action now, not later, the sand in the hourglass is nearly gone. Who will join us in this imperative fight for the greater good? Who will help us to credibly and effective expose global geoengineering? The single greatest assault ever launched against the web of life by the human race. .

economy $60 billion annually in rework, lost productivity and actual damages
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Prepping Myth: When SHTF You Will Bug Out To The …

Despite human fossil fuel burning recently to be “flat”, , reaching new worrying levels which have some wondering whether may be contributing to the unusually high spike if no decline happens soon. The serve as an ominous sign. Considering that the current El Niño is contributing only to what we are now seeing, runaway global warming may be accelerating worldwide. But don’t worry, Warren Buffett climate change is no more of a problem than the Y2K bug and will be profitable through .

03/11/2003 · PHP 4 ChangeLog Version 4.4.9 07 Aug 2008
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As the global climate system continues to unravel at an ever more rapid pace, the effort to sound the alarm is also gaining ground. Health Freedom News magazine has yet again shown the courage to face the climate engineering insanity head on. I wish to express my most sincere gratitude to the personnel and management of Health Freedom News for continuing to cover the critical issue of global geoengineering. The editors of this first rate publication have shown a constant commitment to priority issues and to their readers, . The magazine article below can be read by clicking the individual images to enlarge them or by clicking the PDF file icon of the full magazine issue at the bottom. All of us matter in the fight to wake the sleeping masses, .

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