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Hello, Jose and welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by BCRN and for your kind words. Yes, you are feeling completely normal, and I very much remember how it was to feel this way. I think it is normal to be on pain medications for a DVT as well as it is very painful because of the restricted blood flow, from what I understand. I was on pain medications in the hospital and once I got home too – for a few months, until slowly, but surely the pain started to fade or I got used to it. You are not alone in your recovery, Jose! I am thinking of you and hoping you now have more good days than bad. Thank you again and thinking of you – take care!

Excellent that you are alive and nearly well again. I happened upon this the other day with regard to migraine treatments:

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Dear Graham,
I was so sad when I read that you had had such a major medical emergency. It’s a great relief to know that you are well now. All of your followers need you to be around for years to come and to read many more of your wonderful books. I have been following your work for over twenty years.

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I hope your check-up went well. I have found that it seems like nearly anything can effect your INR so changing your sleeping and work/school habits may have affected you. As you know, diet, stress and hydration can change it too.

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I am now back home with a broken femur bone as a result of my hip replacement surgery, with my blood clot in the swollen left leg and the right leg still swollen from the surgery, in menopause with hot flashes and night sweats. Next week I’ll attempt to go back to work with a walker. My doctor said that I could.
I am glad that my INR is between 2 and 3 and don’t have to worry about my blood clot going anywhere or of getting another one. I found a wedge to elevate my legs at night, and I do not eat salt, to make the swelling go down. I feel lucky, because now things can only get better, because they can’t get any worse. The most I miss are my hormones!!! I watched myself wrinkle and aging like I was in a time machine.
I found out that I should not have taken the female hormones by mouth and have them go through my stomach and liver, that that causes blood clots. I should have taken them in cream form to go right into the blood stream. Well, no one told me!

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Wow, glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. While the occurrences are far more infrequent, I have suffered from migraine headaches since my freshman year of college and have a prescription for oral sumatriptan (actually a generic version). Over the last year I’ve had great success in mitigating and even avoiding occurrences through a zero sugar / very low carb diet (I’ve experienced numerous other health benefits as well, but this one surprised me). Prior to this, I had good success with mitigating the effects of these migraines at onset by taking 10mg of edible marijuana (instead of the sumatriptan), which stopped the progression of symptoms and allowed me to sleep. Best wishes and I’m definitely looking forward to your new book.

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"Everlasting joy," says Isaiah, "shall be upon their heads." Well, there is nothing eternal until after the resurrection. "And sorrow and sighing," continues he, "shall flee away." The angel echoes the same to John: "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; " from the same eyes indeed which had formerly wept, and which might weep again, if the loving-kindness of God did not dry up every fountain of tears. And again: "God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death," and therefore no more corruption, it being chased away by incorruption, even as death is by immortality. If sorrow, and mourning, and sighing, and death itself, assail us from the afflictions both of soul and body, how shall they be removed, except by the cessation of their causes, that is to say, the afflictions of flesh and soul? where will you find adversities in the presence of God? where, incursions of an enemy in the bosom of Christ? where, attacks of the devil in the face of the Holy Spirit?-now that the devil himself and his angels are "cast into the lake of fire." Where now is necessity, and what they call fortune or fate? What plague awaits the redeemed from death, after their eternal pardon? What wrath is there for the reconciled, after grace? What weakness, after their renewed strength? What risk and danger, after their salvation? That the raiment and shoes of the children of Isreal remained unworn and fresh for the space of forty years; that in their very persons the exact point of convenience and propriety checked the rank growth of their nails and hair, so that any excess herein might not be attributed to indecency; that the fires of Babylon injured not either the mitres or the trousers of the three brethren, however foreign such dress might be to the Jews; that Jonah was swallowed by the monster of the deep, in whose belly whole ships were devoured, and after three days was vomited out again safe and sound; that Enoch and Elias, who even now, without experiencing a resurrection (because they have not even encountered death), are learning to the full what it is for the flesh to be exempted from all humiliation, and all loss, and all injury, and all disgrace-translated as they have been from this world, and from this very cause already candidates for everlasting life; -to what faith do these notable facts bear witness, if not to that which ought to inspire in us the belief that they are proofs and documents of our own future integrity ? For, to borrow the apostle's phrase, these were "figures of ourselves; " and they are written that we may believe both that the Lord is more powerful than all natural laws about the body, and that He shows Himself the preserver of the flesh the more emphatically, in that He has preserved for it its very clothes and shoes.