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Alternative fuel vehicles are different than conventional vehicles and it is critical that first responders be properly trained to deal with accidents involving these vehicles.

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Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit 1 | Internal Revenue Service

Starting July 1, 2016, if you buy or lease a new passenger car, light duty truck, or medium duty passenger vehicle which is exclusively powered by a clean alternative fuel or a plug-in hybrid that can travel at least 30 miles on battery power alone, you may be eligible for a tax exemption. The exemptions are:

Using E85 (or any other ethanol/gasoline blend) as a motor fuel reduces the oil we have import from offshore. The fuel is renewable and can be made from a variety crops. Crude oil is a fixed resource and is becoming increasingly expensive to recover both in drilling costs and environmental costs. The automotive industries in China and India are booming increasing the world's population of vehicles dramatically. The day is coming when there will not be enough oil for all of these vehicles. That's why we need to start shifting to alternative fuels such as E85 and others (including electric and natural gas). You might even consider building a still and brewing your own .

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National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day Odyssey is the largest, nationwide event dedicated to promoting the use of and educating numerous audiences on alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.

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More than a dozen are in production or under development for use in and . Government and private-sector vehicle fleets are the primary users of these fuels and vehicles, but consumers are increasingly interested in them. Using alternative fuels and advanced vehicles instead of conventional fuels and vehicles helps the United States conserve fuel and lower vehicle emissions.

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Other alternatives may be to borrow a motor vehicle from another site or another government department, or to authorize employees to use their own motor vehicles.

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We are familiar with the better qualities of electric vehicles. They use alternative energy and leave less carbon footprints on the climate. But they are still not mass produced.