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The Mafia in America began in 1878 when Guiseppi Esposito and other Sicilians arrived in America.

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Together they created an organization that had a board of directors that focused on profits instead of traditional ethnic loyalties.
As he aged, his influence in the world of organized crime waned, but his celebrity status as one of the most flamboyant and creative criminals in modern history remained.

He died of a heart attack in 1962. Many mothers and wifes of Mafia members played key roles in their criminal activity.

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New York, which had become America’s organized-crime capital, had been divided into five main Mafia families; everywhere else the Mafia operated, there was just one crime family per city.

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Tit for tat escalated, and Native members of the Gangster Disciples soon found themselves at war with Native Mob and the Vice Lords. Again, following Gangster Disciple rules, Native members went to their leadership to ask for help as violence intensified. The gang’s African-American bosses turned them down, and the East Phillips Gangster Disciples had to fend for themselves. They eventually split to form the Native Disciples.

Before we get to Gotti, these are reasons why the American Mafia went into decline—the Dapper Don by no means deserves all the credit.

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In 2011, the FBI that most Native American gangs were disorganized, lacked structure, had scarce ties to national-level gangs and could not control large geographic areas or populations. However, gangs like the Native Disciples and Native Mob demonstrate that there are growing exceptions to the rule.