It was the first abstract style of modern art.

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The Fine Arts Collection is one of the nation's oldest and largest public art collections. It consists of mural and easel paintings, sculptures, architectural and environmental artworks, as well as prints and other works on paper dating from the 1850s to the present. These civic artworks are displayed in federal buildings and courthouses nationwide. In addition, more than 23,000 easel paintings, prints, and small-scale sculptures created during the New Deal are on long-term loan to museums and other non-profit institutions across the United States. Maintained by GSA as a part of America's national and cultural heritage, the Fine Arts Collection also serves as a reminder of the important tradition of individual creative expression.

The Cuzco School is viewed as the first center of European-style painting in the Americas.

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The artists working for these New Deal programs employed a range of visual styles, although most of the artworks they produced would fit into the American Scene or Social Realist schools. The WPA/FAP also cultivated stylistically experimental works that greatly influenced the subsequent development of art in America. The subjects selected for New Deal artworks were often place-based, frequently depicted historical events, or else represented some aspect of modern life. For example, an artwork might picture Revolutionary War hero Ethan Allen forging cannon balls, while another would celebrate the recent construction of an electric power plant in rural Montana. Despite many of the artists' interest in contemporary society, they tended to avoid pointed depictions of the hardships and grittiness of the Depression.

Description: Serengeti Style. From the fantastic details of Gaudi's Barcelona to masterful Arts and Crafts creations, decorative tiles have a rich history.

In tribute to this powerful legacy, ArtWorks commissioned the installation of the Pendleton Map Mural, created by artists Barbara and David Day, who also designed the Over-the-Rhine Gateway Campanile, which stands at the intersection of Liberty Street and Reading Road and appears in the mural at position E5. The monument’s bell tower houses 19 bells topped with cast bronze icon finials, each representing a different national or ethnic group that contributed to the rich character to this historic neighborhood, so that when the bells ring the “American Idea” still resonates.

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A Native American style framed artwork and tomahawk

In the 19th century, American art and literature helped define an emerging national character through their celebration of nature and the country’s majestic wilderness. Between 1825 and 1875 a distinct style of landscape painting emerged that all but replaced portraiture as the premier focus of painting in the United States. The group of artists who adopted this style are now loosely-termed the Hudson River School. The scenery of New England and upstate New York was their earliest subject matter.

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During the last quarter of the 19th century, interest in the detailed pictorialism of the Hudson River School began to wane as impressionistic qualities in painting became favored. Nevertheless, these artists who formed the country’s first art “school” developed a picturesque style of painting that evoked distinctly American scenes and helped to define the unique American character.

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To accomplish this, GSA reserves at least one-half of one percent of the estimated construction cost of each new federal building or major renovation project to commission art. These newly commissioned artworks, created by both established and emerging American artists, are diverse in style and media. They include paintings and sculptures, as well as landscape- and electronic-based artworks, textiles, ceramics, stained glass, and photography.

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