Buly had the privilege of baptizing two of their colored children.

Freedom Summer as seen through the eyes of two children, one Black, one white.

The white inhabitants united with us, and ladies of great renown.

A Lutherian brother, (minister), interceded in their behalf, (the Church being offered for sale,) and receiving One Hundred Dollars from the Trustees' hands, bought it in for them, and a firm Deed being made of the Trustees, the Elder taking charge of it.

The author knew MLK and was one of James Earl Ray's defense attorneys.

Meredith's first-hand account of his effort to desegregate the Univ.

Indies had most of the young men in the army. They wore similar uniforms to the French "Turcos," and performed their evolutions, or tactics, with remarkable precision. The military brass band is also very much admired by all who have ever heard it play.

After I had disembarked, I proceeded on as opportunities offered, toward where my mother lived.

After this I endeavored to hold prayer meetings through the week; preached twice on Sabbath day and helped to lead class, as the brother was young, - but they were all willing people, and truly it seemed to be the day of God's power among them, and "Peace abided at our House."

From this time it was said of him that he became greatly altered in his ways for the better.

Autobiography of a Flea (1888) - Horntip

The name of my new master was Hadji Daoud, and he had only one wife, an Arab woman. He had, however, as concubines, two black girls, one a native of Bornou and the other from Haoussa. Hadji Daoud's wife was a woman of very bad disposition, and began to manifest her ill-temper towards me the very next day after I entered the house; but my master would not allow her to abuse me, thus sustaining the assurance Abdy-Aga had given me, that his father would be as kind to me as he had been.

Autobiography of a Yogi: P. Yogananda: …

In other words, when viewed as being mental, a thought or idea mayhave associated with it other thoughts or ideas that seem related eventhough, when viewed as being physical, they have very little incommon. As Russell explains, “In my mind, Caesar may call upCharlemagne, whereas in the physical world the two were widelysundered” (CP, Vol. 7, 15). Even so, it is a mistake, on thisview, to postulate two distinct types of thing (the idea of Caesar and the man Caesar) that are composed of two distinct substances (themental and the physical). Instead, “The whole duality of mindand matter, according to this theory, is a mistake; there is only onekind of stuff out of which the world is made, and this stuff is calledmental in one arrangement, physical in the other” (CP, Vol. 7,15).

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. - US History

When the bells of the latter rang for mass, the Moslems only ground their teeth and muttered imprecations, but it was not unfrequently the case that the Israelites were maltreated in the streets by the Tripolitan rabble.

Complete text of the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

The following verse was beautifully suited to our condition, as well as to all the little flocks of God scattered up and down this land:

Nicholas Said, 1836-1882. The Autobiography of …

To which I would reply, that though they were inspired, yet that inspiration did not save them from showing their ignorance of letters and of man's wisdom; this the multitude soon found out, by listening to the remarks of the envious Jewish priests.