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It is the core, the brain, the technological center, if you will of each Power-One supply.

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The TMS is connected to the support vessel, PDU and control room by an umbilical with 5 additional power and control cables specifically for the TMS. This umbilical of 13 or more cables is fitted to a smaller spool and connected to the ROV for launching. This combination extends the range of the ROV with up to 3,000 meters (nearly 2 miles) for nearly 11,000 meters (~7 miles), to perform any number of subsea tasks.

The minimum power supply to make this reference and the rest of the device operate is about +12V.

A balance of power is a state of stability between competing forces

But if you’re a guy who wants to build some muscle and balance out your internal/external rotation strength while engaging the posterior chain, give this exercise a try. Start with 4-5 sets of 6-8 reps twice per week.

If you see traces on the board connected to both screw mounts, solder a wire from one screw mount to the other.
Before you do the voltage range mod or the constant current mod, realize that both of these will cause a larger voltage drop across the power transistor at high currents.

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However, this type of current limit causes the output transistor to dissipate the full voltage and current which is a large value of power, causing it to overheat and possibly fail.

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The Complete work Class ROV System (conceptual view above) is a Comprehensive Operational System. It is comprised of highly interrelated subsystems that when functioning synergistically, can provide an impressive number of subsea capabilities. Since the characteristics of the ROV are multi-variant, without a single unique solution, the design process is necessarily iterative in nature and highly interdependent upon the relationship between sub-system performance requirements and relevant applicable system capabilities in a delicate balance of efficient design, construction costs, and operational characteristic tradeoffs.

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To do this accurately requires an accurate measurement of current, a precision setting, and a control loop to take over the power supply when the current limit is reached.

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Needless to say a 50A linear is a generally bad idea due to the power waste or hundreds of watts at full power.

I estimate the case heat sink to have a thermal resistance of about 3 degrees C / Watt without a finned heat sink and without forced air cooling.

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Many commercial designs put the shunt resistor in the ground path to simplify this problem.
Power management is one of the tougher design issues on a linear supply.

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Its V+ is usually a higher (boosted) voltage than the Vc by 5-10V and is done simply to accommodate the additional 3Vor so of dropout that the that he uA723 needs.

Power-One supplies such as the HC15-3 are specified to operate from 104 to 132 VAC, 47 to 60Hz when jumpered for 120VAC.