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This rivalry was to the advantage of both manufacturersover thefollowing century since visitors would often buy cakes from both shops to be sure they had indeedtastedthe original one.'The same author traces the later history of these and other Eccles cake establishments...Shebelieves that early Eccles cakes may well have differed from those known now, both in shape(some at least were sold cut in squares) and the nature of the pastry (puff or flaky pastry is nowused), and ingredients for the filling.

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After using what they could, they werefacedinevitably with the choice of throwing the rest away or carrying it with them--a hard decision forpoor peoplewho had to keep moving to keep alive.

In the18th century, the word plumb was often used interchangeably with the word raisin][1839]
"Election cake
Take half a pint of lively yeast, mix with is half a pint of sweet milk and enough flour to make it agood batter; cover it, and set it by the fire to rise.

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Raffald (1769), herself from Manchester and the author ofone of thebest cookery books of the 18th century, had given a recipe for 'sweet patties' which may wellhave beenthe confections from which Eccles cakes evolved...The first mention of eccles cakes by nameseems tohave occurred at the end of th 18th century when a certain James Birch was making them.

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Both offer wide selection of eatables, all excellent, incidental to the attraction of Lindy's as ye gossip shoppe and clearing house of news of Broadway, the theater, Tin Pan Alley, the radio world, and Hollywood.

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1655 Broadway at 51st...1626 Broadway below 50th...
The upper Lindy's on west bank of Broadway's stream of humanity, is themain one.

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Soon Reuben had rivals, among them Leonard's...Juniors...Lindy's, a Broadwayrestaurant...According to Molly O'Neill...the smooth, rich cheesecake served at Lindy's in the1940s became the quintessential "New York Cheesecake," the one by which all others arejudged."
---, Jean Anderson [Clarkson Potter:New York] 1997(p.

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Ifslices of pineapple are cut in long, thin triangles and fitted around the bottom of a frying pan--a short handled one with a metalhandle--and exceedingly pretty effect, or fruit fram for the broad low cake to be baked in, can be made, but it takes a little patience and an 'eye.' A stiff and awkward effect is not worth spending the time over.

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In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, by Alabama native Harper Lee, character Maudie Atkinson bakes a Lane cake to welcome Aunt Alexandra when she comes to live with the Finch family.