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We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible authoritative Word of God.

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Parables to the Belief and Life of Christians What is a Parable

To work effectively it is critical to understand your own values and beliefs and to understand the importance of not allowing them to affect the way in which you work with clients. Remember they are your values and may be quite different to the values held by your clients.

Itexplains that the principle governing the successions of life is karma.

Having been a recently published author at the time, I decided to launch an investigation into life after death as the basis for my next book, beginning with mediumship. I wasn’t hasty. I spent four years researching and experiencing the metaphysical, always maintaining the healthy skepticism I had developed as a private eye. Over the course of those four years, I received over one hundred readings from some of the best psychic mediums in the world. I met credible people with believable stories of near-death experience, and learned there are thousands of documented cases that all tell similar accounts of their afterlife journey. I even had my own successful past-life regression, stupefying me with not just the unexplainable knowledge I had about that past lifetime but also the physical and emotional roller-coaster ride I suffered during that regression.

These concepts are fundamentalto understanding the true nature of the universe, life, and reality.

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Now my story, thankfully, is not identical to Jobs, and I am not comparing my righteousness to Job’s by any means. But listen here. Several years ago, specifically it was 2007, my wife and I had an extremely good year in our family business. We had a record year. We had a beautiful home in a nice area of our town, our boys were all doing well and they loved the Lord, we were in ministry at our church and my podcasts were ministering to people around the world. And I remember being thankful for each blessing we had. I also remember saying on one of my podcasts, and in other places, that my faith in God was unshakeable. That there was nothing that would cause me to turn my back on Him. I didn’t say this from a prideful place, but from a place of gratitude. It was a statement not of my faithfulness, but of God’s faithfulness. In every situation, at every turn, God has demonstrated His faithfulness to me, even when I was not faithful. He patiently and lovingly built my faith to the point where I believed that nothing would shake it.

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Beyond Death: The Science of the Afterlife

Life may be different than I thought it was going to be, but my life belongs to Him. He has the right to do with me what He wants. But for me, that is not a scary thing, because I know that He loves me. The New Testament book of Romans tells us, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” I know that I love God, and I know that He called me, so I know that all things in my life are for my ultimate good. And I can rest in that, in the midst of all the trials.

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