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them the right to be called the unofficial first Celtics' 'Big Three'

Then in 1980, Auerbach with the signings of Bird, Parish and McHale got together the players who formed the original Celtics' 'Big Three'. It was on their backs that Celtics renewed their rivalry with the Lakers, the highlight of which was the rivalry between two greats - Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. The 'Big Three' led the Celitcs to 3 more titles to get the count to 16, a NBA record.

“Big-time sports,” Dr. Clotfelter said, “have a real effect on the way people in universities behave.”

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The 'Big Three' have proven time and again that they have still got the fire inside them to aim for the championship. With 21-4 record and a 12-game winning streak going on, the squad is complimenting the 'Big Three' in their quest for a record 18th championship.

A version of this article appears in print on January 22, 2012, on Page ED22 of  with the headline: How Big-Time Sports Ate College Life.

Even the current 'Big Three' has had it's ups and downs. Kevin Garnett injured his knee in his 2nd season with the Celtics and missed the playoffs. The team missed his leadership and raw aggression on the court in their loss to Magic of the playoff second round.

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Ohio State boasts 17 members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, three Nobel laureates, eight winners, 35 Guggenheim Fellows and a MacArthur winner. But sports rule.

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Tim Collins, a junior who is president of Block O, the 2,500-member student fan organization, understands the rush. “It’s not something I usually admit to, that I applied to Ohio State 60 percent for the sports. But the more I do tell that to people, they’ll say it’s a big reason why they came, too.”

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In the last 10 years, the number of college football and basketball games on ESPN channels rose to 1,320 from 491. This doesn’t include games shown by competitors: the Big 10 Network, Fox, CBS/Turner, Versus and . All that programming means big games scheduled during the week and television crews, gridlock and tailgating on campus during the school day.

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An article last Sunday about the effect of big-time sports on college life misstated part of the name of an honor society that has 17 members from Ohio State. It is the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, not the National Academy of Arts and Sciences.