The Panthers had made a huge difference in the civil rights movement.

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Of the latter, the Black Panther Party is one of the most intriguing.

This school included in its ranks economically disenfranchised children of varying colors and backgrounds, reaching serving only the children of members of the Black Panther Party.

Then later on, new Black Panther Party’s formed to support their original cause.

The Panthers were able to organize and unite these blacks.

Sultan Ahmad
Earl Leon Anthony
Paul Bass
Ed Boyer
Taylor Branch
James T. Campbell
Kia Campbell
Harry Carey
Jeff Carlton
Mel and Marilyn Cherman
Jennifer Chien
Doug Coronado
Sara W. Duke
David Fenton
Janice A Garrett-Forté
Fred Hampton, Jr.
J. Daniel Johnson
Antonio Lopez
National Alumni Association of the Black Panther Party
Alondra Nelson
Albert Preciado
Jane Rhodes
Virgil Roberts
Tolbert Small
Kellita Smith
Karin Stanford
J Alfred Smith
Flint Taylor

Before the Black Panthers, slavery just ended, and there was a civil rights movement going on....

By providing an examination of Black Power adaptation, focusing on its arrival in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland; examining those transnational ties that linked Aboriginal Black Power and the Brisbane Black Panther Party to American shores; analyzing Australian media reportage of both American Black Power and its Aboriginal adaptation; and drawing conclusions of the responses of Australian security intelligence to the formation of the Black Panther Party – it provides a new understanding of its emergence in Australia.


The Black Panther Party or the BPP ..

The British Black Panther movement (always deliberately a movement, not a political party) was not affiliated to the American organisation, but fought for many of the same rights.

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An active member of the Black Panthers, he’d organised protests for improved rights and better protection from violent abuse for black prisoners prior to his conviction.

Black Panther Party Pieces of History: 1966 - 1969

There were several branches, but Brixton was the centre – 38 Shakespeare Road its headquarters – so it is apt that this autumn an exhibition revisiting the British Black Panther legacy is to be hosted by Brixton’s Photofusion Gallery.

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Armed with sincerity, the words of revolutionaries such as Mao Tse-Tung and Malcolm X, law books, and rifles, the Black Panther Party fed the hungry, protected the weak from racist police, and presented a Ten Point Platform and Program of Black political and social activism.

Black Panthers: Art and History

The black power and civil rights movements of the 1960s were fundamentally working class and poor people’s movements that greatly impacted the Afrikan-American community (Marable, 2000 (1983): 30, 90; ibid, 2007).

including the rise of the Black Panther Party.

Figures such as Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam, Paul Robeson, and the Black Panther Party became the dominant groups of the Black Power Movement.

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Some activists believed non-violence was the only way to overcome, and others, such as Anne Moody and the Black Panthers, had a more aggressive attitude towards gaining freedom.