Every person has their own true Source, ..

Boundaries should guide a child to individuate into the person God created him or her to be.
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Setting Boundaries: How to Put Your Needs First

Sexual abuse happens in our communities every day. In a recent comprehensive national survey of children’s exposure to violence, 6.1 percent of all children surveyed had been sexually victimized in the past year, and nearly one in ten had been victimized at some point during their lifetimes. Children, and in some situations their parents and caregivers, are trusting, and do not understand the dangers that children may face, even in familiar settings with people they know.

When they grow up, they usually realize the boundaries were to keep them safe.
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It is also important to set consequences that impact the other person more than us. Often when people are first learning how to set boundaries, they do not think it through far enough. They set boundaries that impact themselves as much or more than the other person. For example, a single parent with a teenager who needs to get consequences for coming home late, or bad grades, or whatever, may be tempted to say something like "If you miss your curfew again, you will be grounded for a month." The reality of grounding a teenager for a month is that it often means the parent is also grounded for a month. If taking away driving privileges means then you will have to drive them to school - maybe you want to choose some other consequence.

God uses boundaries to help us appreciate the differences in people rather than be upset by them.
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How do you know whether or not you are in an unhealthy relationship? Chances are, if you are in a dysfunctional relationship it will feel “normal” or even “comfortable” to you, if you grew up in a dysfunctional home. You may not recognize the signs, until you are well on your way to giving up your entire self for the other person. Below is a list of some of the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy boundaries.

Acting from love, however, can bring genuine  into the world, through personal example.
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How to Set Healthy Boundaries Every Day Paperback.

To start by learning how to set boundaries and assert ourselves, without changing the core relationship with ourselves, will ultimately not work in the relationships we care most about. It is relatively easy to start setting boundaries in relationships that don't mean muchto us - it is in the relationships that mean the most to us that it is sodifficult. That is because, it is those relationships - family, romantic,etc. - that our inner child wounds are the most powerful. The littlechild within us does not feel worthy, feels defective and shameful, andis terrified of setting boundaries for fear everyone will leave. Theother extreme of this phenomena is those of us who throw up huge walls totry to keep people from getting too close - and sabotage any relationshipthat starts getting too intimate - to try to protect the wounded childwithin from being hurt.

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So, in this third article of this series on emotional honestyand emotional responsibility I am going to be focusing on setting personalboundaries with other people. I am going to attempt to keep the focuson a very basic level for those readers who are new to the concept of boundaries.

Privacy Please! How to Teach Kids About Personal Boundaries

God gives us freedom to choose to live within His boundaries or outside of them, and to live outside of God’s boundaries means to accept the consequences.

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What is so powerful and effective about the inner child healing process, as I have learned to apply it, is that it changes our core relationship with ourselves. Once we start having a more Loving relationship with ourselves, everything changes. We start to naturally and normally: set boundaries with others; speak our Truth; own our right to be alive and be treated with respect and dignity.