Death penalty: is capital punishment morally justified?

Capital punishment is known to some people one of the cruelest punishment to humanity.

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REALLY – this is an argument of substance….how come the Lord commands for many types of sins in His First Covenant through Moses, that capital punishment, or just killing, is to be done according to His Omniscent and Holy Will?

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Given the express authorisation of capital punishment at Genesis 9:6 and of our Lord’s express confirmation of the entire Torah at Matthew 5:18, it is impossible to entertain the proposition that the death penalty is contrary to the Gospel unless one could point to any subsequent declaration of His, expressly referencing Genesis 9:6 and revoking the power it confers.

Authorisation for the imposition of capital punishment on criminals must therefore be found in divine positive law if it is to be found at all; for unless there is certainty that the proposition is of divine law, then the same has not been promulgated by God and is therefore not a law at all.

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Capital punishment wastes limited resources. It squanders the time and energy of courts, prosecuting attorneys, defense counsel, juries, and courtroom and law enforcement personnel. It unduly burdens the criminal justice system, and it is thus counterproductive as an instrument for society's control of violent crime. Limited funds that could be used to prevent and solve crime (and provide education and jobs) are spent on capital punishment.

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Even when crime is planned, the criminal ordinarily concentrates on escaping detection, arrest, and conviction. The threat of even the severest punishment will not discourage those who expect to escape detection and arrest. It is impossible to imagine how the threat of any punishment could prevent a crime that is not premeditated. Furthermore, the death penalty is a futile threat for political terrorists, like Timothy McVeigh, because they usually act in the name of an ideology that honors its martyrs.

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Capital punishment doesn't solve our society's crime problem. Threatening capital punishment leaves the underlying causes of crime unaddressed, and ignores the many political and diplomatic sanctions (such as treaties against asylum for international terrorists) that could appreciably lower the incidence of terrorism.

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I believe that this is a very callous appeal – one main reason we have capital punishment is to develop a sense of morality as well as protection within the whole society, not to put such great emphasis on the criminals who deteriorate the rest of civilization....

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Capital punishment is the death penalty, or execution which is the sentence of death upon a person by judicial process as a punishment for a crime like murdering another human and being found guilty by a group o...