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Shakespeare Tragedies - 10 Plays With Common Features

Like Strauss-Kahn, the Angelo we see at the start of the play has a pretty well unblemished reputation. He is known to be a man “whose blood is very snow-broth”, but he quickly finds himself overwhelmed by desire for Isabella, a young woman who comes to plead for her brother’s life. Up to this point it’s possible to be quite sympathetic to Angelo. At the beginning of the play his boss, the Duke, has set him up. Instead of doing something himself to enforce the laws regarding social disorder, the Duke puts Angelo in complete control and announces his intention to leave the city.

How to Analyze Othello’s Character.

Going back to Dominique Strauss-Kahn, it isn’t just the chambermaid’s word that is damaging. A further allegation has been made, of an attack on another woman several years ago, which was reported in a limited way but hushed up. It’s this cover-up which now is causing a major upset, and means that his political career is in tatters, his hope of being France’s next President gone.

The style of the early 1600's, on the other hand, was more creative and free because Shakespeare had learned to listen more to his inner voice and less to the dictates of literary convention.