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If this fails,  to see if they would be able to work together to form a coalition government.

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Talks on forming a coalition government in Germany have collapsed, leaving Angela Merkel facing her biggest challenge in 12 years as chancellor.

Weakened by a poor election result in September, the proposed coalition was Mrs Merkel's only shot at forming a new government.

Breakthrough in German government coalition talks

The Coalition was formed to act as an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated promoting and defending the People’s right to know in matters of public interest and in the conduct of the public’s business. The Coalition’s driving vision is to help foster open government processes, supervised by an informed and engaged citizenry, which is the cornerstone of democracy.

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“We’re pleased that Governor Inslee decided to veto SB 6617, and for all those citizens across the state whose expressions of outrage led to this outcome,” said Toby Nixon, president of the Washington Coalition for Open Government. “We hope that those legislators who have committed to vote against an override carry the day, and that this ugly episode will be behind us. May the legislature never again try to jam through a bill of such impact using a process anything like this.”