Exploring College Entrance Exams: The Different Types …

Exploring College Entrance Exams: The Different Types of ..

No, once you’ve created a College Board account, you will be able to use that account to view or send your scores (see Help section “Sending Scores”) for up to four years prior to your most recent AP Exam as long as you hold the account. You don’t need to create a new account each year that you take AP Exams. In fact, having multiple accounts may delay access to all of your scores.

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The Graduate College recognizes that the graduate admissions process does not, and should not, operate "blindly." Programs and faculty frequently recruit students of whom they have direct knowledge. Furthermore, the admission process for a doctoral program will frequently take into account the "fit" between a prospective graduate student's interests and those of the faculty in the program. However, the admissions process should, and should be seen to, take into account only academic and programmatic consideration when admitting and recruiting students.

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You should study the kinds of skills and content outlined in the Course Description for your subject, because they represent the basis for the AP Exam. The best way to do so is in a year-long AP course in which the students and teachers focus on college-level work. However, if you have taken strong courses and/or have studied in depth on your own, you may be able to perform quite well on the AP Exam. Get to know the exams by reviewing . Complete released exams are available for a fee in the .

Degree Eligble. Applicants who meet one of these criteria shall be classified as “Degree-Eligible” students. Calhoun Community College may establish additional admission requirements to specific courses or occupational degree programs when student enrollment must be limited.

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Just as with undergraduate admissions, graduate school applications usually require standardized test scores. The test(s) you’ll take depend on what type of graduate degree you’re seeking. Check with the schools you plan to apply to for information about required exams.

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NOTE: All documents submitted to De Anza College as part of the application become the property of the college. This is a common practice among schools in the U.S. Students should always request more than one set of their transcripts for other future needs.

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The Admission Check List gives you important and detailed information about each of the admission requirements. As well as tips on how to avoid submitting incomplete applications which are the main cause for delayed admission.

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Complete and return the following forms to the International Student Programs office at De Anza College along with your application for admission as they apply to you:

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If your TOEFL score is between 475 and 499 (CBT: between 151 & 172, iBT between 52 & 60, IELTS 5.0) and you would like to apply to De Anza for the fall quarter, you can attend our , an eight-week language study course which guarantees you admission to De Anza in the following fall quarter upon successful completion. Check out the link for more information and application procedures.