The commonsource, of course, is the "SUMMA THEOLOGICA" of St.

The age of republics and Democracies will be over, Communism andSocialism a thing of the past.

Thus shall come the end of the Christian RomanEmpire." (Bl.

Itmeans, in effect, that he will go to England to help the Englishpeople out of their Communist enslavement, and he will land inGreece to expel the Mohammedans.

But if the first part of these prophecies has come to pass, should we disregard the second?

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It is quite clear that the Great Monarch to come willhold different views; views diametrically opposed to those ofour present leaders in the world and in the Church. (Nostradamus)(He will pull down what has been held as good, and raise up whathas been held in contempt, acting in opposition to presentstandards.) (Holzhauser) The powerful Monarch, after winning the Birch-Tree Battle,will restore Peace throughout the world.

It will become possible because of theMunich spirit of the Western Democracies.

Autocratism presupposescentralisation of powers; the hierarchical structures of aChristian Monarchy is just the opposite, each having certainpowers according to his rank in the hierarchy, and each region,province, city, town and village enjoying a measure of genuineDemocracy - (the smaller the social unit, the greater thatmeasure is), as taught by St.

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It was just as "extravagant" to speak of the "Revolt of theAlgerians in 1938 when Algeria was regarded as being an extensionof metropolitan France, but the revolt did come to pass in thesixties, and Algeria is now independent.)

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away shall drive the strange race Arabic." (Nostradamus)
(At this stage, may I caution against dismissing the idea of aMohammedan invasion in Europe as extravagant.

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Firstly, through world-wide naturaldisasters, and secondly through the agency of the Great Monarchwhom God will choose for that very purpose: (Rudolph Gekner, 17th Century) (i.e.

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Such is the Munich spirit of the US government and, being what itis, the USSR won't even have to wage a global war; an ultimatumat the opportune moment will suffice or, if there is noultimatum, unofficial diplomatic pressures will eventually bringthe USA into the orbit of the USSR. Communism will overcome the West, but it will eventuallyitself be overcome by God.

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In Yokohama, about 200 women were waiting at a hotel for employees of the local shop to help them with their kimono. But the shop has been closed since Sunday with no sign of any personnel, according to the local commercial complex that houses the store. The facility has not been able to contact the shop’s staff.

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And whatevershortcomings their administration of the former colonies may havebeen, still, they did maintain order and a measure of justice. Katanga, Biafra, Sudan, Pakistan, are but a few examples of theevils brought about by an independence given to peoples who arenot ready for it.

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The company had posted losses for two consecutive years through September 2016 due to ballooning costs of employee salaries and rent. It started delaying payments to some clients in 2017, according to credit research firm Teikoku Databank.