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Organizations take their cues from their leaders. If our enthusiasm for diversity isn’t backed up by concrete actions, our expressions of concern about it ring hollow. Here are a few specific steps that high-level library leaders must take if we are to make our organizations and our profession inclusive, open to difference, and diverse. The ideas listed below aren’t new; many others have already suggested them. Library leaders are in a position to prioritize them and make them happen.

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Second, as we saw earlier, there may be different patterns of leadership linked with men and women. Some have argued that women may have leadership styles that are more nurturing, caring and sensitive. They look more to relationships. Men are said to look to task. However, there is a lot of debate about this. We can find plenty of examples of nurturing men and task-oriented women. Any contrasts between the style of men and women may be down to the situation. In management, for example, women are more likely to be in positions of authority in people-oriented sectors – so this aspect of style is likely to be emphasized.

Aside from their very general nature, there are some issues with such models. First, much that has been written has a North American bias. There is a lot of evidence to suggest cultural factors influence the way that people carry out, and respond to, different leadership styles. For example, some cultures are more individualistic, or value family as against bureaucratic models, or have very different expectations about how people address and talk with each other. All this impacts on the choice of style and approach.

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TL can work for people at any organizational level, in any career stage. If you are succeeding in one aspect of life while under-performing in others, or failing to capture value from one part of life and bring it to bear in others, or living with too much conflict among different roles, then TL is for you.

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Telling (high task/low relationship behaviour). This style or approach is characterized by giving a great deal of direction to subordinates and by giving considerable attention to defining roles and goals. The style was recommended for dealing with new staff, or where the work was menial or repetitive, or where things had to be completed within a short time span. Subordinates are viewed as being unable and unwilling to ‘do a good job’.

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TL helps you perform better according to the standards of the most important people in your life, feel better in all domains, and have greater harmony among the domains because you more resources at your disposal to fit the parts of your life together. You achieve more four-way wins as a more inspired, effective leader.

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The primary methodological approach adopted in this paper is to study Islamic leadership as illustrated in the existing literature specifically Quran, Hadiths, and Seerah of the Holy Prophet. Included in this paper is a review of the existing literature regarding the definitions, leadership principles and success strategies of the Islamic leadership and Islamic leadership model. This study contains the results of a qualitative research study conducted on the Islamic leadership methods utilized by Muslim leaders. The fundamental proposition of this paper is that the Islamic leadership principles and model applied by any one to any leadership situation will lead to success and achievement of goals.


Faith lays the foundation of greatness and success and nothing happens unless one believes in its happening. One of the greatest qualities commonly shared by all great leaders who ever lived was their strong faith and belief in higher entity, themselves or their ideas. Faith and belief are thus the key qualities which determine the quality of one’s leadership. No other religion has placed so much emphasis on faith than Islam. The Arabic word used for faith and belief is Iman which is at the core of Islamic teachings. In Qur'anic phraseology, Iman (faith) has been regarded as the starting point of everything and "good actions" without Iman are useless. So the starting point must be Iman. A faith and belief in one’s ideals helps people overcome all their difficulties and achieve their goals. Faith and belief precedes determination, actions, and solid achievements. History is full of great examples where ordinary people achieved un-imaginable things because their faith and belief system had locked them into those things. Every great leader, every worthy achiever, and every person who achieved things which others thought were impossible had faith and belief. Faith and belief are the quintessentials of good leadership and without these qualities a leader will become hollow and empty. This is the spirit which drives a person towards greater heights. However I must clarify here that Faith and Belief must be grounded on good and righteon pillars and not bad and evil ones. There are people in fact thousands of them who believe in evil, bad, irrational, and un-natural things. They may get whatever they wish to get but they are not great leaders, because great leaders have noble values and great missions and their faith and beliefs are based on all things right.